Activities at Marne Road


This week tamariki have been extremely busy exploring their environment, both indoor and outdoors. The sunny weather has been lovely and waterplay a great way to cool down. Tamariki also explored tabletop activities inside and the artwork on the walls are looking great. Keep up the awesome mahi everyone! 

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The Importance of Friendships


Here at Kids Count Pukekohe, we support our Tamariki to develop special friendships by encouraging and understanding social competency skills throughout their learning environment such as communication, collaboration, empathy, patience and responsibility and perseverance. Children begin to form relationships at an early age, we believe it is import...

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Music and Movement


Our Toddlers at Kids Count Pukekohe love to sing and dance with and alongside each other showing off their fantastic moves. Lately the toddlers have been using their imaginations to make and create their own musical instruments both indoors and outdoors. Dancing and swaying to the rhythm and beat as they busy themselves throughout their day. The ch...

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Welcoming 2021


Its another new year and  we welcomed the New Year with our New Year 

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Graduation Time...


On Friday 29 January, we had our big graduation ceremony here at Marne Road. It was great to see the amazing whanau turn-out and the room quickly filled up. Whaea Alisha, Sonal and Brooke decorated the room beautifully and the gifts looked amazing. Whaea Alisha had made a beautiful slideshow and tamariki looked so smart in their korowai. The gradua...

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Pedicures for a HOT day


 Today to relieve us of this very muggy hot day, Susie decided to dip her feet in some water. Kevin thought it was a wonderful idea to slowly creep his small feet into the water tray for a very relaxing pedicure.

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"Wriggle & Rhyme" at our Local Library (Tuesday's) - January 2021


Our toddlers loved their morning at the Papakura Library taking part in the 'Wriggle & Rhyme" session.   They explored books of their own choice and played for awhile before heading back to the Centre.  Through excursions our tamariki are able to visit their outer environment and see what their community is all about. &...

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Enjoying our time at kindy...


This week tamariki had so much fun at kindy.  They explored both indoor and outdoors and enjoyed meeting up with their friends after the holidays. It is great to have everyone back at kindy enjoying the great weather outside. I wonder what we will get up to next week.... 

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Our creative Tamariki.


 Our Toddlers have been having so much fun exploring and participating in lots of creative art activities over the past few weeks. Exploring creative arts not only promotes creativity, it is also extremely important to for each child's individual development. Scribbling with markers and crayons is a skill that sets the foundation for learning ...

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Graduation 2021


 On Friday 22nd January, we celebrated with 14 graduations with 4 in the morning and 10 in the afternoon. We had a lot of whanau come into the centre to see the achievement of all our graduating tamariki.  All our children were proud to receive their graduation certificate, learning portfolio and a bag filled with goodies. They all stood ...

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Come and explore with us.


Welcome to Kids Count Pukekohe Our wonderful outdoor space includes access to a wide range of different natural features such as sand, soil, grass, rocks, nature path walks and beautiful natural shade under the cool shade of our trees. Here at Kids Count Pukekohe we believe in the importance of having an interesting and dynamic outdoor play space w...

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Riding our bikes.


 We have such a great bike are here at Kids Count Pukekohe it is no wonder the children can't wait to get the bikes out and race around on them together. As they zoom around our park like grounds the children experience different obstacles and gradual levels that really help challenge and extend their gross motor skills and physical skills. Th...

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Face Painting is so much fun.


 Face painting has become one of our Children's favourite activities to explore here at Kids Count Pukekohe.  The children have a blast as they gather to watch what their peers have chosen to have painted on their face. The children are definitely masters of the moment and love the way it feels as it is being painted on their faces a...

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Relationships - Ngā Hononga


Our special Friends came to visit from Kids Count Marne Road. We were very excited to welcome them into our environment. As they began to explore their new surroundings on their visit they became very excited to meet the Teachers and some new friends. The children had so much fun playing and building new relationships before we knew it it was ...

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October, November, December 2020


Kia Ora to all our tamariki and whanau!   During the last 3 months of 2020 we have continued to make the Kids Count philosophy more visible through our tamariki's learning and our Kaiako's teaching practice.  Social competence and contribution were our monthly focus where our tamariki participated in lots of fun learning ac...

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Second week of our Holiday Programme


Even though this was a short week, tamariki had so much fun! It was great to see so many of our friends attending everyday and joining in the fun activities organised by their kaiako. From waterplay activities, arts and crafts and watching movies in our PJ's, there was something for everyone to enjoy. The yoga and origami activities were both chall...

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Starting off our holiday programme with a bang!


The Holiday Programme has officially started! Wow, even though it was a very short week, we did so much! From artwork, to messy play, scavenger hunt and yummy kai, we ended off the week with a new year's party! Happy new year everyone! See you all next week.....  

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Busy day before Christmas


Today, 24 December 2020, we had such a busy day at kindy. Tamariki were all engaged in various activities and enjoying the day with their friends. We also had a little Christmas party for tamariki with yummy kai and ice-cream. When it was time to go home we all wished each other a "Merry Christmas" and hopped on the vans. Wow, what an awesome day w...

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Caring and looking after our Chickens at Kids Count Pukekohe.


 Our Chickens at Kids Count Pukekohe Our Children have been learning all about the safety and care of our chickens. At kids Count Pukekohe our Tamariki have been learning all about our Chickens. The children are supervised when they are handling our chickens and or feeding them. Part of the awesome learning that we are implementing throughout ...

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Water play and Sand Play our Summer Fun activities.


 Ask any child under 5 what their favourite activity is, and the chances are, they'll shout out "water play"!  At Kids Count Pukekohe , our teachers enjoy this almost as much as our children, and during the summer months many happy times are spent sprinkling, sloshing, squirting , splashing and laughing as waterplay becomes a focus o...

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