Pink Shirt Day 2021


Today, 21 May 2021, we celebrated Pink Shirt Day in support of anti-bullying. We asked whanau and kaiako to dress in pink to support this worthy cause. It was lovely to see all the pink in the centre and the babies had a special "pink" activity planned for the day. Tamariki also watched short movies about kindness and anti-bullying and talked about...

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Kelvin Road - Our trip to MOTAT


In April our theme was TRANSPORT, so our older children went to MOTAT. Learning: EXPLORATION on how trains work. Contribution: Working together & taking turns at being the train driver. "For a small child there is no division between playig and learning; between the things he or she does 'just for fun' and things that are 'educational.' The chi...

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Celebrating International Day of Families at KCM


Today, 14 May, we celebrated International Day of Families here at Marne Road. As we are a very culturally diverse centre, tamariki talked about their families at mat time and we all had yummy picnic outside as Marne Road whanau. Whaea Brooke's teddy bears also came to visit us at the picnic and enjoyed the morning with us. Ahakoa, N...

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Mother's Day 2021


On Friday 7 May we celebrated Mother's Day at Marne Road. Our lovely mums joined us for High Tea and we had lots of spot prizes and hampers to give away. Tamariki made beautiful gifts to take home and enjoyed pizza for their lunch. Everyone had a great morning and our mums were spoiled with yummy kai, gifts and cuddles. Thank you to everyone w...

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Ending off April with a bang!


It is hard to believe that April is finished already. This month we were very busy at kindy....building friendships, learning, exploring and having fun. Our holiday program was a great success and looking at all the photos, tamariki had a great week. Keep up the good mahi everyone...

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Ending off the term with a big bang!


This week is the last week before school holidays. However, it did not stop us here at Marne road - for us it was busy as  usual. Inside activities, outside activities, feeding the chickens and dancing to our favourite songs....what a great week we had!  

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Having fun Balancing


 Having fun balancing both indoors and outdoors. At kids Count Pukekohe our Tamariki have had so much fun exploring balance both indoors and outdoors. This wonderful learning experience provides many opportunities for the children to learn about problem solving, perseverance, determination, communication, and teamwork. Children love moving and...

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What did we get up to this week?

This was a very busy week at Marne Road.  On Eater Monday Whaea Jessie (from our Kelvin Road Centre) came to help whaea Raewyn at kindy. It was lovely to have her here and tamariki enjoyed their day. This week we focused on balancing activities, artwork related to fairytales and talking about our feelings. New friendships were formed as we wel...

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Celebration Day


Today, 1 April 2021, we celebrated World Autism Day at kindy. Tamariki dressed in blue to show their support and a storybook about Autism was read to the children. As it was the day before Good Friday, we also celebrated Easter and had an exciting Easter egg hunt at kindy. Tamariki did Easter artwork and made baskets for their eggs. We al...

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Fun February!


Check out Whaea Urvashi and her bird feeder! This activity stemmed from tamariki being very interested one day when they saw birds flying around in their playground and eating the small breadcrumbs that we had left in the concrete area. Over the month they have created a few different bird feeders and hung them out for the birds to nibble at. 

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Well done Marne Road!


 On Saturday, 20 March 2021, Kids Count had its annual Awards Evening where they celebrated and recognised the hard work kaiako had been doing during 2020. The theme was Masquerade and it was so much fun dressing up and coming with our masks on. Whaea Mandy and Whaea Shirley both got awarded for 5 year service, Whaea Alisha and Whaea Param for...

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What have we been up to this week?

Wow, what a busy week we had! It was lovely to see so many of our friends returning to kindy whilst welcoming new tamariki as well. The sunny weather has been great and tamariki and kaiako have made to most of our beautiful outdoor environment. We also had some birthdays, graduations and celebrated St Patrick's Day. Tino pai to mahi ...

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Blossoming friendships and interactions


It was great to have all our tamariki back at kindy this week! We had loads of activities planned and tamariki took part with enthusiasm. It was so nice to see friends meeting up again and new friendships being formed after our week-long lockdown. Thank you for an awesome week...have a great weekend everyone!

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Having fun in our Level 3 bubble


 This week we had so much fun at kindy even though we had a Level 3 lockdown. Kaiako planned some really awesome activities and tamariki enjoyed spending time together in their bubble. It was great to hear their laughter throughout the day and see the wonderful engagement. Kaiako also made some videos for our Facebook page to engage our whanau...

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Exploring our surroundings at Marne


This week has been extremely busy at Marne Road. We have been actively exploring our surroundings and strengthening our friendships and relationships. Keep it up everyone!

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Having fun with Creative Art - Mahi Toi


 Waihanga-tanga -creativity Mana Aotuuroa- exploration Hiri-nga- determination Exploring the learning objectives that creative arts provide our Tamariki is one of the most rewarding and engaging learning experiences for all tamariki. Cutting with the scissors and developing the skill of opening and closing whilst cutting helps children develop...

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Learning that occurs through the outdoor environment.


 The natural world is a playground and a place of discovery for adults and children alike, it is a place for adventure, exploration and imagination as well as generating a deepening care and connectedness with our environment. We also know that the early and frequent positive experiences in the natural environment have a major impact on the he...

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Keeping busy during Level 3 lockdown


This week Kaiako have been working very hard sanitizing the Centre to ensure it is safe for tamariki to return. Caela has also been baking yummy muffins and cake for afternoon tea and the staff in Rising Stars have been focusing on doing activities every day with the tamariki who attended during Level 3. The Centre is looking great and Kaiako are e...

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Refreshing the Learning Environment


Getting ready to welcome back all our tamariki back after having a big holiday. We are creating new and exciting areas to stimulate their learning and create exciting new learning experiences. Having a different area for reading is a positive way to promote quiet time with a book to relax and have calm time, while also promoting lite...

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January 2021 Graduation Video


Thank you to Whaea Shirley for putting together this awesome video from our Graduation Day. Such special memories and moments being  celebrated and captured! We don't own the rights to the music in this video

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