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Weymouth Kids Count Playground upgrade.

We have been very busy over the past few months upgrading the children's playground here at Kids Count Weymouth. First, we got some lovely new sand in the sandpit and then placed rails around the sandpit to try and contain the flow of the sand from going out onto the bark area. This will help to reduce the contamination of the sand on the new bark that we will be ordering. However, before the new bark arrives, we had to remove the contaminated bark from the playground. We were very fortunate to have the help of Kane's Dad who helped remove the old bark with a digger. You may have noticed that the old bark has been spread around the Centre to form beautiful gardens in the parking area. After the bark had been dug out, we then ordered some beautiful new bark, and placed some planter boxes around the edge of the bark area to keep the bark contained in the playground area. These planter boxes will eventually have plants and sensory items placed in them as well as interactive activities on the sides for the children to play and explore with.

The most exciting part of the playground upgrade by far was the new green Tiger Turf that replaced the concrete cobblestones. This area has now been transformed for the children to build and create with on a safe surface. The children can sit, lie and share this area together and it also creates a space that is more accessible for all our children here at Kids Count Weymouth.

Despite the upgrade, one of the children's favorite, most played on, (and adored by previous generations of children attending Kids Count Weymouth) we managed to retain and keep the popular "monkey bars" which really does set us apart from many other centres. The children love to challenge themselves as they continue to explore and enjoy the Monkey bars as well as exploring their wonderful new playground.

We also have a range of natural resources called "loose parts" that the children are able to move around, interact with and create their own climbing equipment, which is a wonderful resource for the children to establish their social competency skills, gross motor skills, communication and imagination.

A big thank you to Mary, Anthony, Roscoe, Jaco, Glen and Fulton Hogan and the Team and Children here at Kids Count Weymouth for making this happen.

- Kirsten

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