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Transition to School - Sept 19

Well the beginning of this month we started off with the focus on Tongan language week followed by Maori language week. This week we are busy learning how to keep our environment safe from pollution which is 'conservation. 'To celebrate the language weeks we focused on numbers, colours, music, dance ,cultural food and costumes. At mat times we did rote counting with claps Amazingly when we revisit some children can remember that 'noa' means zero in Tongan language and 'kore' means zero in Te Reo. So when we start off we do not clap for zero and the children say ' zero' means nothing. Music and dance of the different cultures seem to be popular as the children want to do Ti Rakau rhythms everyday. One of the highlights have been a group of children participating in Maori language week celebrations at the Clendon Library. Kane and Faizaan went up to the front of the primary school students, adults and pre schoolers to show the pukana .. ka pai. It is challenging for our young ones but they are persevering with their journey of learning and having fun.

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