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St John's Visit

​​Today we had a visit from Sue from St Johns ambulance service. She brought her big toy ambulance with her. She talked to us about when we have an emergency and need an ambulance, fire or police to dial 111. She also showed us pictures of what the inside of the ambulance looks like. Some of the children got to dress up and pretend to be an ambulance workers. They bandaged up Mala after she had her pretend skateboarding accident. We all had a go using the bandages and listened to stories about what happens when you need the ambulance to come and help you or your family/whanau. She showed us an air tank used to help those having trouble breathing and we got to touch the steam coming from the mask. We played some games and heard the siren sound from the toy ambulance just like you hear from the big ambulance and we learnt when you hear that ambulance siren when in the car to say "Move out of the way" to who's driving to remind them to let the emergency vehicles through as they are helping those that need lots of help.


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