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Meaningful Interactions and Learning as the Tamariki re-create their Learning Environment.

Here at Kids Count Pukekohe we have some very creative, imaginative tamariki who enjoy re-creating their own learning environment with a variety of different resources throughout their day.

Creative play is a vital part of childhood and child development. It is expressed when children use familiar materials in a new or unusual way and also when children engage in role - playing and imaginative play.

Our preschool tamariki enjoy engaging in a variety of creative play opportunities within the environment (self-lead and also some guided/supported play with a kaiako/teacher). They have loved recreating the environment to facilitate their own learning experiences.

As you can see from the attached photos the preschool tamariki have been enjoying exploring and extending upon their social skills of working together, communicating with one another, sharing ideas and turn taking. It is great to see our older tamariki playing alongside and with our younger tamariki, they take great pride in caring for one another within the environment.

Playing with natural resources supports children to become capable explorers that can make discoveries by investigating their environment and asking questions which in turn supports them to come to conclusions independently. Combining our new construction toys with natural resources outside provides our tamariki with the opportunity to learn about concepts of maths and science as they move the sand and other natural resources around with the construction equipment. Role-playing or reliving experiences they have observed in the world around them helps our tamariki to understand these experiences as well as developing their social and emotional competencies. As tamariki engage with each other to act out their roles they are developing their language, communication, problem-solving and co-operation skills.

The tamariki have and share a love for learning throughout their day and continue to have fun, laugh and communicate as they explore and discover. It is a wonderful observation to watch and learn from our tamariki and see them thriving both individually and together with their learning journey.

This has fostered kaitiakitanga, kotahitanga and whanaungatanga within our classroom through meaningful interactions and meaningful learning.

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