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Learning through Building and Construction.


Lately we have noticed the children taking a real interest in building and construction. This is a wonderful learning experience that provides such great learning opportunities for the children as they learn to work with and alongside each other learning about visual perceptions and spatial awareness and offering an opportunity to express and develop their creativity, confidence -building relationships through active exploration.

Building and Construction promotes children's fine motor skills problem solving and critical thinking while working with and alongside others. It also increases mathematical and scientific understanding as the children discover different ways to count, match, sort group and fit pieces together.

The children had a lot of fun as they built, balanced and modified their structures it was wonderful to see the children's independence and confidence as they used their imaginations to create their own structures. We could see the children developing their relationship skills through teamwork, social skills and communication which also creates patience, persistence, and focus.

There was much excitement as the children built their structures up and they tumbled down, ready to be rebuilt higher and higher using other methods and resources available to them. Perseverance and determination was a well mastered skill as the tamariki continued to try and try again. The smiles on their faces showed their proudest achievement when they had created and nailed their own vision of their construction structure.

Together we celebrated, laughed and had so much fun. 

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