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Having fun with Creative Art - Mahi Toi

 Waihanga-tanga -creativity

Mana Aotuuroa- exploration

Hiri-nga- determination

Exploring the learning objectives that creative arts provide our Tamariki is one of the most rewarding and engaging learning experiences for all tamariki.

Cutting with the scissors and developing the skill of opening and closing whilst cutting helps children develop their fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. Followed by manipulating the glue onto their pictures develops their fine motor planning skills this also helps children understand the sensory concept of stickiness. The children simply love this as they communicate and engage in conversation and can spend a good amount of time creating their beautiful pieces of art.

This activity offers children a chance to experiment with ideas and materials and an opportunity to express their ideas and feelings whilst extending their imagination and creativity, while they are developing the growing ability to plan work and demonstrate perseverance with and alongside one another.

Children are able to recognize colours and identify them visually as well as explore shapes and sizes that are familiar in the wider world around us. Learning that the same object can be represented in diverse ways.

While having fun and exploring creative art the children are also learning about emotional literacy and numeracy developing knowledge and skill while experimenting with ideas and materials to develop our creative confidence

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