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Future Ferns Juniors - February 2017

Children's Curiosity and Animal Exploration
Young children are skilful and explorative learners. They learn through play and create their own ideas to construct new knowledge. This helps children to be an active and competent learner. 

Recently, our young children's curiosity towards animal has been very popular in the room of Future Ferns Junior. Animal plays an important role in the life of a human and especially young children. It provides them with a lots of learning opportunities to make sense of their natural and the world around them. It allows children to incorporate science as a natural part of their learning. 

Children love exploring animals and initiate their own play with and alongside others. They get to develop a high level of communication and cooperation skills as they participate in various activities and exploration. Children are introduced to animals through book, stories, cartoon characters, pictures and their own pet.

The Role of an Adult
An adult plays a vital role in children's learning and development. Adults effective participation helps children to be a competent and confident learner.

Children can be encouraged to create their own ideas and initiate their own play through different animal toys. 

They can be encouraged to work with and alongside others to develop their social and language skills.

Adults can have a discussion with children in regards to their interest and what they want to learn from animal exploration. 

Children can be encouraged to group, sort, arrange and categorize animals to develop their mathematical concept.

Children can be introduced to animal habitats and nature such as, leaves, branches, sand and clay to develop their sensory and nature skills.
Animal books, picture and stories can be shared with children to enhance their interest and learning.

Written by Whaea Jotishna & Cathy (Future Ferns Juniors)

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