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Food and Nutrition, creating a love for food and baking with the children.

 At Kids Count Pukekohe we value the importance of food and nutrition and we recognise the role we have in establishing healthy eating habits, helping to shape your child's attitude towards food and setting them up for life.

Our carefully designed menu that our amazing Centre cook creates ensures that it is well balanced, nutritious, and most importantly delicious and inviting for the children to eat.

We like to make mealtimes enjoyable creating a love for food as well as supporting children's development of self-help skills. We have the perfect opportunity to sit with the children and talk about food, taste, and textures as we explore a variety of new foods which are incorporated throughout the menu.

We believe this is extremely important for setting children up to have a healthy relationship with food for life.

We always have a selection of seasonal fresh fruit and water is available with every meal and throughout the day from the water cooler.

We provide all the food your child will need at our childcare centre. Our daily menu is also 'nut free' and caters for any food requirements your child may have.

Baking with the Children.

Our fantastic team of teachers love to bake with the children

At least once a week our teachers and children get hands on baking either morning or afternoon tea. We've baked muffins, banana bread, mouse-traps, pikelets, fruit bread, scones, and a whole lot more.

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