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Exploring the chemical reaction of Ice and Salt.

 Exploring Ice and Salt.

Here at Kids Count Pukekohe our children love to get creative with all sorts of different resources.

This week in our bubbles we explored Ice, one of our favourite science experiments that is lots of fun and the children love watching the chemical reaction as the Ice and salt meet. This activity provides the children with a great spontaneous learning experience to explore scientific concepts as well as sensory play together.

The children were able to communicate their ideas, hear the ice crack and watch the ice melt away, their excitement triggered lots of creative investigative questions as they observed and explored the unique relationship between science and nature.

The tamariki continue to amaze us when they challenge both ours and their thinking and use the resources in a different way.

What a wonderful activity we shared together which offered the opportunity for the tamariki to be able to gain knowledge of their immediate and wider world and a real sense of belonging in their learning environment.

Most of all we had loads of fun together.

Active exploration in action!

Whanau this is a great activity to try at home together here is what you will need. You can also add colouring to this learning experiment if you like.

You will need:

Blocks of ice

Food Colouring/Water colours

Coarse Salt

You need to begin with freezing a block or two of ice.

Once everything is set up pour the course salt onto the ice. Get ready to hear the ice cracking as the salt begins to create tiny craters before your very eyes!

But why does this happen? Why does ice melt water?

As we know water becomes frozen at 0 degrees Celsius. That's what we call the freezing point of water. When we add salt it lowers the freezing point which prevents ice from forming. The molecules in salt move much faster than the molecules of water which is why this reaction occurs! 

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