Celebrating Samoan Language week


 Here at Kids Count Pukekohe we enjoy celebrating many special events. This is a way our children learn about the existence and importance of many different languages and cultures around the world. Samoan language week 30th May – 5th June 2022 we celebrated at the centre and the children were involved in learning about Tapa art, learning Samoa...

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Exploring outdoors together


 Over the past month we have tried to spend as much time as possible outdoors, as it starts to get cooler and our outdoor time will be limited. The children have engaged in a wide variety of activities whilst being outside. Our children love building with the giant Lego blocks. We recently received a new swing ball set which the children love....

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Our Busy Babies


 In our baby's environment, we have been very busy exploring arts and craft. Our Kaiako have included focuses on national and centre events that have been celebrated throughout the month. This month we have celebrated Mother's Day and Pink Shirt Day which symbolizes anti-bullying. Even our Teachers dressed up in pink (can you spot Matua James ...

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Our Kaiarataki class - Transition to school Room


Being apart of the Kaiarataki class has become one step closer to heading off to primary school. Our tamariki have been given that stepping stone to start their journey to success. Today our tamariki in the Kaiarataki class learnt about using rubber bands and a geo broad to create shapes. Taking on a new challenge students were able to manipulate t...

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Learning and having fun together


 Today we explored early literacy  by making different shapes with rubber bands and geo boards! Wegad so much fun as we stretched and maneuvered the rubber bands on the boards to create lots of different shapes.....we were even able to name some of the shapes as well as the colours of the rubber bands we were using..... What a great fine ...

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Look whaea our chickens have layed lots of eggs


Our tamariki love to visit the farm and collect the eggs our wonderful chickens lay for us.  Today we ventured into the farm and gave the  chickens and our Nigerian dwarf goats some food and clean water. The children couldn't wait to check to see if the chickens had layed some eggs. We collected lots of yummy eggs, the children ...

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What a busy morning at Kura


Having  a small farm at the centre provides many opportunities for our tamariki to engage in a hands on learning approach as they experience feeding and looking after our Goats and chickens.  This supports the children to develop an appreciation and enjoyment of the natural world as we care, plan, prep and  t...

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Nurturing Children's love for animals.


 Nurturing Children's love for animals. We all know that children are drawn to animals of all kinds. There is definitely something special about children's interest in animals. Here at Kids Count Pukekohe our tamariki have an instinct to want to care and nurture creatures that they discover and find in the playground as well as our wonderful F...

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Our pretend camp fire.


Who knew that having a camp fire 🔥 set up with tents ⛺️ ⛺️  could be so much fun!Today the tamariki had lots of fun chilling by the camp fire, they enjoyed sitting in their pretend tents looking at books, sharing stories and their own experiences about staying in tents. As you could imagine there were lots of wonderful creative stori...

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Construction play


 Construction play Construction play involves manipulating one or more pieces of play materials to create something new. This may involve a variety of methods – stacking, sticking, putting together, taking things apart, sorting or molding, matching and classifying. Which are all early maths concepts that our children are developing as they loo...

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Straw blowing painting.


Straw  blowing painting. Today we had lots of fun exploring painting with straws. The children had to blow through their straw to move the paint around on their paper to create their own wonderful masterpiece. The children really enjoyed blowing through the straws, and it provided them with a lot of fun as they explored a different way to...

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Happy birthday, Hari huritau ki a koe, Rā whanau koa


 At Kids Count Pukekohe we value the importance of celebrating children's birthdays as it helps to establish a strong sense of identity within a child. It also helps establish a sense of belonging to their learning environment. We also believe it's a way to stop, cherish and reaffirm the things that we all value in our lives. Celebrations are ...

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Increasing awareness of our bodies as we explore our play environment.


Lately we have noticed that our younger children have had an increasing awareness of their bodies and what they can and cannot yet do yet challenge this concept as they play and explore their learning environment by balancing, crawling, slipping and sliding, climbing into and onto the play equipment they love to explore on a daily basis. We have be...

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Making Apple Juice with Matua James


 Today the children enjoyed making apple juice with Matua James outdoors. This was a great learning experience for the tamariki to learn important life skills and offered a laboratory of sensorial experiences. The tamariki were very excited and intrigued with the sight, smell, touch, taste and noise of watching the fresh apples being chopped a...

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Our Obstacle Course


Here at Kids Count Pukekohe our tamariki love to explore and play outdoors. The tamariki love the freedom of the outdoors to shout, run fast, skip jump, climb, balance and make lots of noise. They busy themselves with great excitement as they play, build create and satisfy their gross motor skills and physical movements, sparking their imaginations...

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Wellbeing and contribution


Creative Art -Mahi Toi When participating in the arts, children should be able to freely discover and explore materials and resources, fostering motivation to create something using their imagination and ideas as well as providing opportunities to express ideas and feelings. Our Tamariki at Kids Count Pukekohe love to explore their creative side as...

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A thank you from our Huriwai-Kaumavae Whanau


Tena koutou katoa ngaa Kaimahi o Pukekohe Kids Count, where to begin?? Firstly I would like to say a big thank you for the little Koha that I received from yours all. Secondly how can I say it was such a big decision being a first time mum to send her 1yr old baby to a kindy having no knowledge in the type of educational environment I was placing m...

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Benefits of Outdoor Learning


We have learnt much during the current pandemic especially when it comes to the benefits of taking children outside to learn. Learning outdoors, providing good ventilation indoors, supporting tamariki with their social and emotional competence, keeping routines similar with little disturbance, and providing a healthy engaging environment are just s...

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Stories - Korero Paki

Stories - Korero Paki

Books and storytelling provide children with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to use complex symbol systems that make up our society – the written word, visual images and oral communications – for a range of purposes. Reading, writing, listening, and talking form the basis of children's literacy learning. Child...

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Let's paint!


Beyond the confines of the classroom, creativity can flourish. As we continue to navigate our way through the pandemic and have learnt that learning outdoors provides us with a little more protection from the virus, we have really begun to embrace every outdoor moment we can here at Kids Count Pukekohe. The children have really enjoyed learning out...

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