What have we been up to this week?

Wow, what a busy week we had! It was lovely to see so many of our friends returning to kindy whilst welcoming new tamariki as well. The sunny weather has been great and tamariki and kaiako have made to most of our beautiful outdoor environment. We also had some birthdays, graduations and celebrated St Patrick's Day. Tino pai to mahi ...
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Blossoming friendships and interactions

It was great to have all our tamariki back at kindy this week! We had loads of activities planned and tamariki took part with enthusiasm. It was so nice to see friends meeting up again and new friendships being formed after our week-long lockdown. Thank you for an awesome week...have a great weekend everyone!
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Having fun in our Level 3 bubble

 This week we had so much fun at kindy even though we had a Level 3 lockdown. Kaiako planned some really awesome activities and tamariki enjoyed spending time together in their bubble. It was great to hear their laughter throughout the day and see the wonderful engagement. Kaiako also made some videos for our Facebook page to engage our whanau...
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Exploring our surroundings at Marne

This week has been extremely busy at Marne Road. We have been actively exploring our surroundings and strengthening our friendships and relationships. Keep it up everyone!
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Keeping busy during Level 3 lockdown

This week Kaiako have been working very hard sanitizing the Centre to ensure it is safe for tamariki to return. Caela has also been baking yummy muffins and cake for afternoon tea and the staff in Rising Stars have been focusing on doing activities every day with the tamariki who attended during Level 3. The Centre is looking great and Kaiako are e...
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January 2021 Graduation Video

Thank you to Whaea Shirley for putting together this awesome video from our Graduation Day. Such special memories and moments being  celebrated and captured! We don't own the rights to the music in this video
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Activities at Marne Road

This week tamariki have been extremely busy exploring their environment, both indoor and outdoors. The sunny weather has been lovely and waterplay a great way to cool down. Tamariki also explored tabletop activities inside and the artwork on the walls are looking great. Keep up the awesome mahi everyone! 
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Graduation Time...

On Friday 29 January, we had our big graduation ceremony here at Marne Road. It was great to see the amazing whanau turn-out and the room quickly filled up. Whaea Alisha, Sonal and Brooke decorated the room beautifully and the gifts looked amazing. Whaea Alisha had made a beautiful slideshow and tamariki looked so smart in their korowai. The gradua...
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Enjoying our time at kindy...

This week tamariki had so much fun at kindy.  They explored both indoor and outdoors and enjoyed meeting up with their friends after the holidays. It is great to have everyone back at kindy enjoying the great weather outside. I wonder what we will get up to next week.... 
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Starting off our holiday programme with a bang!

The Holiday Programme has officially started! Wow, even though it was a very short week, we did so much! From artwork, to messy play, scavenger hunt and yummy kai, we ended off the week with a new year's party! Happy new year everyone! See you all next week.....  
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Second week of our Holiday Programme

Even though this was a short week, tamariki had so much fun! It was great to see so many of our friends attending everyday and joining in the fun activities organised by their kaiako. From waterplay activities, arts and crafts and watching movies in our PJ's, there was something for everyone to enjoy. The yoga and origami activities were both chall...
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Busy day before Christmas

Today, 24 December 2020, we had such a busy day at kindy. Tamariki were all engaged in various activities and enjoying the day with their friends. We also had a little Christmas party for tamariki with yummy kai and ice-cream. When it was time to go home we all wished each other a "Merry Christmas" and hopped on the vans. Wow, what an awesome day w...
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Celebrating Christmas

On Monday 7 December 2020, we had our annual Christmas Party. Whaea Raewyn and Whaea Shandy decorated the playground and carpark beautifully the day before and everything looked amazing. Kaiako all brought kai to share and the candy floss machine was ready to go. At 10am whanau arrived and the party started. We had a great turn-out and soon Hana Ko...
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Health and Safety practices at Marne Road

Here at Marne Road we are very serious about keeping our tamariki safe. To help us with this, we have put some Health and Safety practices in place. Every month we practice our Fire Drill. Tamariki follow the footprints outside in the carpark all the way to the assembly point and listen for their name during the roll-call. We also practice our Eart...
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Diwali 2020

Today, 13 November 2020, we ended our Diwali program with a big celebration. For the past 2 weeks, tamariki have been learning about Diwali and doing amazing artwork in their rooms. The Kaiako decorated their rooms and showed tamariki how to make rangoli and diya's. One day Whaea Romita made yummy kai for tamariki and taught them how to make l...
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Cultural Day at Marne Road

On Friday 23 October 2020, we celebrate all the different cultures combined with an Open Day. We invited all our new and existing whanau into our Centre to enjoy different foods from different cultures and see our beautiful new playground. All the teachers made traditional dishes associated with their birth countries a...
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Caring for animals at Marne Road

Here at Marne Road everyone loves animals! Everyday tamariki collect food scraps to feed the chickens and Whaea Chloe's Kuni-kuni pigs. The Kuni-kuni pigs have had babies and Whaea Chloe was so kind as to bring them to kindy for us to see. Oh my goodness they were so cute! Our chickens are also laying eggs now and Whaea Cathy goes in...
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Celebrating our 8th Birthday at Marne Road!

On Friday 25 September 2020, we celebrated Kids Count Marne Road's 8th birthday. The Kaiako organized parties within their rooms and each room had a cake to decorate. Outside there was face painting available and tamariki looked so smart in their party clothes. For lunch tamariki enjoyed pizza, chips, nuggets and spring rolls and they each got a pa...
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Celebrating Maori Language Week

This week we have been celebrating Maori Language Week at Marne Road.  The Kaiako and tamariki have been learning all about the Maori language, traditions and customs and made amazing artwork. Each room has been making poi and raakau for tamariki to use and explore and Whaea Param made beautiful piupiu skirts for the babies room.  We ende...
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Exploring our new playground

Our new playground is ready for use and we are so excited to go outside and explore. The turf is looking amazing and tamariki were so eager to run, climb and balance on the activities set up for them. The Kaiako also explored the playground and had an amazing time with the children. Everyone enjoyed our playground exploration day and want to say a ...
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