Our environment - To tātou taiao

It has never been more important than now to take care of our environment, and here at Kids Count Pukekohe we take great pride in teaching our children to love, respect and care for the world around us.  Our natural environments connect children with nature. We encourage recycling, teach our children about sustainability, and have&nb...
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Health and Safety practices at Marne Road

Here at Marne Road we are very serious about keeping our tamariki safe. To help us with this, we have put some Health and Safety practices in place. Every month we practice our Fire Drill. Tamariki follow the footprints outside in the carpark all the way to the assembly point and listen for their name during the roll-call. We also practice our Eart...
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Exploring the anatomy of apples.

 Science - Putaiao Here at Kids Count Pukekohe the children in Whaea Phidelia's room have been learning all about apples. The different types of apples you can buy and eat. The children learnt that apples come in many different colours, shapes and sizes. Some apples are sweet, and some apples can be sour. However, the children all agreed that ...
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Interactive Tyres

A competition was set out for all Kids Count Centre for each Centre to participate in creating a tyre work of art for tamariki and the appearance of our Centre. Our project leader was Julia and she had a discussion with all our staff about making this project an interactive environment for all our children.  It's awesome to see how all ou...
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On a Tuesday, Nga Tuakana Room attend gymnastic at Te Matariki Clendon Community Centre. Gymnastic is a fundamental  activity that our tamariki participate in for 1 hour. They learn how to develop their gross motor skills by using a range of movements and equipment. Our tamariki love participating in our Tuesday gymnastics.  
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Nuiean Language Week

This week we have had so much fun and excitement learning about "Who I am" and the Niuean language and culture. We coloured the Niuean flag, coloured in and did collage on banana templates. We explored green bananas using our sense of touch and smell and then tasted it when it was cooked, "Yummy for our tummy." We wove mats using flax and paper. We...
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Learning through Play

Ako Here at Kids Count Pukekohe the  children have the opportunity to make sense of their world through exploration and play. We offer a wide range of activities for our tamariki to be able to facilitate their own learning and development. Our tamariki have the opportunities to participate in everyday learning that may be experienced in t...
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Hello from Honey Boo Boo

Hello Kids Count Friends and Whanau My name is Honey Boo Boo. I am a Purebred Miniature Pony, and I am 7-8years old. I am very excited to be living here at KIDSCOUNT Pukekohe with my other farm animal friends.I like to think I am the boss of the animals, and make sure that they do not misbehave. I am beginning to work on my sharing skills and am le...
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Diwali 2020

Today, 13 November 2020, we ended our Diwali program with a big celebration. For the past 2 weeks, tamariki have been learning about Diwali and doing amazing artwork in their rooms. The Kaiako decorated their rooms and showed tamariki how to make rangoli and diya's. One day Whaea Romita made yummy kai for tamariki and taught them how to make l...
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Celebrating Our Culture

Kia Ora Whanau!!  Over the last two months, we celebrated four Language Weeks - Tongan, Te Reo Maori, Fijian and Niuean. We also celebrated the Indian Festival of Lights also known as "Diwali". During these two months, both tamarikis and kaiakos learned new words and phrases from these respective nations and we would use th...
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String Art - Whanau Session

String Art! We provided this experience a few months ago for the children and there was a lot of positive feedback from the staff and whanau about the results. This week we were lucky enough to run a art session with the mothers and children. They have made some stunning pieces of artwork that will be displayed at their prizegiving then can be disp...
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Our Cultural Day Celebration

Yay! our cultural celebration was so much fun. Our tamariki did so well with their singing and a great support from our parents. A big thank you to everyone for making today a very fun filled and happy day with our families. 
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Cultural Day at Marne Road

On Friday 23 October 2020, we celebrate all the different cultures combined with an Open Day. We invited all our new and existing whanau into our Centre to enjoy different foods from different cultures and see our beautiful new playground. All the teachers made traditional dishes associated with their birth countries a...
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My Culture, My identity!

This has been a very exciting week learning about "My culture, My identity." We have done our self-portraits with our names and ages. My mihi is very special as it tells about me and my family members in pictures that I have drawn."Know about me" is another special activity of my handprint which tells about my favourite things and what I like to do...
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Building fun with blocks.

 Blocks -Poro Raakau Building with blocks teaches our Tamariki so many wonderful things. Today the children had so much fun as they explored with the blocks outdoors today it provided them with many opportunities for social interaction as they worked with and alongside each other. Together the children were able to build and create such wonder...
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Hikoi to the park

This week we went for a walk to the playground that is near Kids Count Tawa. There are so many learning opportunities for the children when we go out into the community. On our walk we discussed road safety - including watching for the signals from the trains (bells and barrier going down that we have to wait for, we talk about the t...
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Come and join us at Kids Count Pukekohe

Welcome to Kids Count Pukekohe. We are a Kiwi-owned family of childcare centres established to ensure that each and every child attending our centres can reach their potential, no matter what their family circumstances. We believe Education is critical to future happiness and success. It starts in the home and is supported by children attending a p...
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Holiday Fun!

This week we have been busy learning the Fijian language and culture along with the activities of the holiday programme. We coloured in the Fijian flag, did turtle screen printing and coloured in turtle pictures. We made natural leaves bracelets and made yummy coconut ice. Counting numbers in Fijian language was a little tricky ...
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Having Fun at Kids Count Pukekohe

 Here at Kids Count Pukekohe we offer a wide range of exciting and fun learning opportunities our children. We have a large spacious outdoor play area enriched in a natural environmental setting with large trees and gardens. This provides the children opportunities to explore, learn, build relationships, challenge themselves and gain confidenc...
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Caring for animals at Marne Road

Here at Marne Road everyone loves animals! Everyday tamariki collect food scraps to feed the chickens and Whaea Chloe's Kuni-kuni pigs. The Kuni-kuni pigs have had babies and Whaea Chloe was so kind as to bring them to kindy for us to see. Oh my goodness they were so cute! Our chickens are also laying eggs now and Whaea Cathy goes in...
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