Developing and strengthening social skills

Making friends. Showing anger in a healthy way. Figuring out conflicts peacefully. Taking care of someone who has been hurt. Waiting patiently. Following rules. Enjoying the company of others. All of these qualities, and more, describe healthy social-emotional development. Like any skill, young children develop these abilities in small steps over t...
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August 2017

Wow, August has been such  fun filled month, we had a lot going  on. Our 4 year olds planning for August was based on the Children's voices and interests, some of those activities /interests were arts and crafts, puzzles and team sports. The children got to expereiance something different everyday, with beautiful activites and a grea...
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Healthy learning experiences in Hi 5s

Our new resources are a great hit with many of our children. Children are constantly engaging in dramatic play involving our family-play utensils. Our tamariki are having great fun with the tongs, gem-stones and clear bowls. Our tamariki really enjoyed their learning about different fruit and making their very own fruit kebabs for morning tea. Heal...
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Weymouth in July

Welcome back to all those that have been off on a wonderful term break! With many children away with their families, those that did come in were spoilt with a range of fun filled activities. The children got to go the botanical gardens, supermarket shopping, sports day in the car park, made lolly log and rice bubble cakes, went on a treasure hunt a...
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Sensory learning experiences in Future Ferns Juniors

The two-year olds have been exploring their senses in many ways as they learn through hands on experience. One of their recent high lights has been exploring their sense of taste by experiencing a wide variety of frozen fruit both sweet and sour. Some children even enjoyed eating sour lemons and asked for seconds. One of the children's mum shared t...
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Nga Kaihanga - "Little Architects"

Currently in Future Fern Seniors, we are working on "Little Architects" where children are involved in activities that we can display on our wall. Tamariki got involved in one activity which is called "a tree that holds FFS together" where all the children's photos are attached to it as a flower. Our tree display has developed a sense of belonging ...
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Imaginative minds in Future Ferns Seniors

Over the last month Future Ferns Seniors (3years old) have been focusing on the winter wonderland. By looking at the children's imaginative play, we are now planning to extend their learning interest further and work on their building and constructive play. We also have two weeks of holiday programme planned for the children, and they have been par...
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Movie and Pj Day

​As part of our holiday programme today we had Pj and movie day. We set up the room with bean bags, cushions, comfy chairs. We provided popcorn, lollies and milo for our tamariki.
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Graduates - January 2017

On Wednesday 27th January we were very proud to see 13 of our 5 year olds graduating from Kids Count, as they begin their journey at "Big School".With all their friends and whanau watching on, each child, many who have been with us since they were babies, was called up by whaea Atamaria, our senior teacher in the 4 year old room. Atamaria delivered...
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School Start First Impressions

Over the past 6 months we have been referring whanau to School Start First Impressions, privately funded initiative of Addenbrooke Foundation. They are so incredible and have helped many whanau by providing 5kitbox's with everything they need to celebrate their fifth birthday and alo be prepared for their first year at school. On Friday we were abl...
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Matariki Kapahaka Performance

We recently celebrated Matariki at our Centre and our room had the privilege of performing the Kapa Haka for the whanau. The tamariki were very excited to dress up in their Kapa Haka outfits and performed like little stars! First we did the morning performance and later again in the afternoon. All the whanau were so impressed with their performance...
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Waiata mai - we love to sing!

Wow! What a great week we're having in our class with Whaea Hera with her guitar. Since we are celebrating Matraiki, every day we are singing and introducing Maori songs and words. Our children get very excited when Whaea Hera sits on the chair playing guitar and singing along. Children look very comfortable and are excited to join our talented tea...
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Developing social skills in Rising Stars

This area of development involves learning to interact with other people and to understand and control your own emotions. Infants start to develop relationships with the people around them right from birth, but the process of learning to communicate, share, and interact with others takes many years to develop. Developing the ability to control your...
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Matariki Pai Whanau

Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It rises in mid-winter – late May or early June. For many Māori, it heralds the start of a new year. As part of our celebrations of Matariki our children have been exploring the story of Ranginui and Papatūānuku.We then decided to create our own night sky with the seven...
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Celebrating Matariki

Matariki pai whanau, it heralds the start of the Maori New Year. Our tamariki have been busy learning about Matariki and the 7 sisters through stories and waiata. It is a time we reflect on our past year and set goals, sharing and learning together. Our Hi 5 Iti Kahurangi transition to school group visited Papakura Art Gallery to learn weaving. The...
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Celebrating our new graduates for Term 3

We celebrated our new graduates journey to Primary School for Term 3. It was one of our saddest days filled with laughter and happiness and it was great to listen to our whanau as they got up to have a korero about their child's time at the centre. "Thank you so my much for everything you have done for all my children, they are so brainy and they h...
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Happiness is inside of everyone

Happiness is inside of everyone
A couple of Mums from He Huarahi Tamariki got together with Justin the teacher at Kids Count Tawa – The Griffin School to organise some family time at the centre on Tuesday 28th February. The theme was 'Trolls party day'. The children, parents and teachers all did their best to look like trolls, the children had their hair sprayed all different col...
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Be the wave – create the ripples!

Be the wave – create the ripples!
I recently went to visit one of our graduate children's mothers who had been in our parenting groups to see how her son was settling into primary and in general say hello and how are you.What a great way to lift each other up – first the customary hug that grows out of our groups as we all become sister's of the heart and then of course the customa...
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Gymnastics at our Weymouth Centre

Gymnastics at our Weymouth Centre
As part of our transition to school program this year we are taking all our 4-year-old children to the Clendon Recreation Centre on a Tuesday for gymnastic lessons.  The children have been really enjoying taking part, and are all every excited and enthusiastic for Tuesdays to roll around each week.  Through the program the children are de...
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Welcome Back to 2017

Welcome Back to 2017
Welcome Back to 2017 Bula, Kia ora, Namaste, Talofa Lava Welcome to 2017, we have lots of exciting learning experiences and events planned for this year and I am delighted that so many families are already back and many new whanau have joined us to explore these special moments with us.  Last month we had 21 children graduated from Kids Count ...
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