July Holiday Programme

Our first week of the July Holiday Programme was successfully executed.  Tamariki and kaiako had so much fun and enjoyed the activities together. We can't wait to see what the 2nd week of the holidays have in store for us.... 
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What makes Marne Road unique?

The tamariki and kaiako at Marne Road makes our centre unique! Different personalities challenge and compliment each other and a sense of belonging and exploration ensures that every day at Marne Road is an unique experience. Sunshine, rain or wind cannot keep our spirits down and we have fun both indoor and outdoors. Pop in any time for ...
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Having fun despite the cold weather...

This week the temperatures were very low and tamariki and kaiako felt the chill in the air....but it did not get us down! We continued to explore our surroundings, strengthen friendships and celebrate Matariki. Our Juniors room also went on a little "trip" to the pool area to explore the veggie garden and learn about planting and harvesting. First ...
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Exploration, adventures and friendships....

Tamariki at Marne Road are very creative when it comes to finding ways to explore their environment. Building relationships and friendships are very important and we encourage tamariki to extend their social and language skills through play. Look at what they have been up to....
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Health and Safety at Marne Road

Here at Marne Road we take health and safety very seriously. Every month we practice our fire and earthquake drills with tamariki to ensure they know what to do in case of an emergency. It is great to see them confidently curl into the "turtle" position and hide under the tables to keep themselves safe. Tino pai to mahi tamariki...
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What have our tamariki been up to?.....

Here at Marne Road we celebrate our differences and learn to respect each other's cultures. We also promote friendships and active exploration, whilst keeping health and safety in mind. Our tamariki interests shape our learning programme and we ensure that their learning and development is enhanced. Tino pai to mahi tamariki ma
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Staff well-being at Marne Road

Here at Marne Road we take staff well-being very seriously. We have got a staff appreciation basket with some goodies in for the staff to come and choose something after being nominated by their peers. We also write notes on the whiteboard in the staffroom to acknowledge each other for doing a great job. On Friday, 4 June 2021, the teachi...
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Are you looking for an Environment that is Inspiring, Nurturing and full of fun?

Here at Kids Count Pukekohe we offer amazing opportunities for our children to grow and thrive in an environment that is nurturing, inspiring and full of fun. At kids Count Pukekohe we take play seriously, because children learn best through experiences created through play. Children learn from their play, they grow in self-confidence, self-express...
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Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is not just about movement skills it is also about how the brain and body are connected, and helps children use movement to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Children learn through play, and their bodies learn this way too. At Kids Count Pukekohe our Tamariki love to run, climb, jump and explore their...
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Celebrating Gumboot Friday at Marne Road

On Friday, 28 May 2021, we celebrated Gumboot Friday here at Marne Road. We encouraged tamariki to come to kindy in their gumboots and enjoy the day with us. It was great to see the different kinds of gumboots and the wet weather was perfect for gumboots too. Thank you to everyone who supported this worthy cause and wore your gumboots on the day!&n...
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Learning how to control our breathing

Over the past few weeks in TWA we have been focusing on controlling our breathing.  There are a number of reasons why this is important for young children. We have offered a range of different experiences for the children to explore their breathing and challenge themselves. Some of the experiences were quite easy and some were a little mo...
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Pink Shirt Day 2021

Today, 21 May 2021, we celebrated Pink Shirt Day in support of anti-bullying. We asked whanau and kaiako to dress in pink to support this worthy cause. It was lovely to see all the pink in the centre and the babies had a special "pink" activity planned for the day. Tamariki also watched short movies about kindness and anti-bullying and talked about...
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Kelvin Road - Our trip to MOTAT

In April our theme was TRANSPORT, so our older children went to MOTAT. Learning: EXPLORATION on how trains work. Contribution: Working together & taking turns at being the train driver. "For a small child there is no division between playig and learning; between the things he or she does 'just for fun' and things that are 'educational.' The chi...
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Celebrating International Day of Families at KCM

Today, 14 May, we celebrated International Day of Families here at Marne Road. As we are a very culturally diverse centre, tamariki talked about their families at mat time and we all had yummy picnic outside as Marne Road whanau. Whaea Brooke's teddy bears also came to visit us at the picnic and enjoyed the morning with us. Ahakoa, N...
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Mother's Day 2021

On Friday 7 May we celebrated Mother's Day at Marne Road. Our lovely mums joined us for High Tea and we had lots of spot prizes and hampers to give away. Tamariki made beautiful gifts to take home and enjoyed pizza for their lunch. Everyone had a great morning and our mums were spoiled with yummy kai, gifts and cuddles. Thank you to everyone w...
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Ending off April with a bang!

It is hard to believe that April is finished already. This month we were very busy at kindy....building friendships, learning, exploring and having fun. Our holiday program was a great success and looking at all the photos, tamariki had a great week. Keep up the good mahi everyone...
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Ending off the term with a big bang!

This week is the last week before school holidays. However, it did not stop us here at Marne road - for us it was busy as  usual. Inside activities, outside activities, feeding the chickens and dancing to our favourite songs....what a great week we had!  
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Having fun Balancing

 Having fun balancing both indoors and outdoors. At kids Count Pukekohe our Tamariki have had so much fun exploring balance both indoors and outdoors. This wonderful learning experience provides many opportunities for the children to learn about problem solving, perseverance, determination, communication, and teamwork. Children love moving and...
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What did we get up to this week?

This was a very busy week at Marne Road.  On Eater Monday Whaea Jessie (from our Kelvin Road Centre) came to help whaea Raewyn at kindy. It was lovely to have her here and tamariki enjoyed their day. This week we focused on balancing activities, artwork related to fairytales and talking about our feelings. New friendships were formed as we wel...
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Celebration Day

Today, 1 April 2021, we celebrated World Autism Day at kindy. Tamariki dressed in blue to show their support and a storybook about Autism was read to the children. As it was the day before Good Friday, we also celebrated Easter and had an exciting Easter egg hunt at kindy. Tamariki did Easter artwork and made baskets for their eggs. We al...
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