"We have travelled over the mountains, through the valleys and through all of the seas to meet together here at our Kids Count Lenore Road Village". These were the amazing opening words from our Manager Siliva for our big CULTURAL DAY CELEBRATION!! This was a big day for our centre as we had been preparing for weeks in advance with the children for their big items! The children were put into their ethnic groups and then would learn different songs and dances specific to their culture which they have been used to from our Language Weeks! However what they didn't realise is that they would be performing not just in front of their peers but in front of parents as well! We had organised a feast full of food that represented each culture and fed the children and families the food. It was awesome for the children to perform, connect, communicate and explore their culture in a very different way with their family and their school family. The sun was out, everyone was laughing and joking and enjoying themselves and the children of course did so amazing!