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Riding our bikes.

 We have such a great bike are here at Kids Count Pukekohe it is no wonder the children can't wait to get the bikes out and race around on them together. As they zoom around our park like grounds the children experience different obstacles and gradual levels that really help challenge and extend their gross motor skills and physical skills. The bike track encourages the children to take risks, persevere and challenge themselves as they race around under the close eye of their teachers and friends.

It is always amazing to watch the children as they still manage to communicate and smile with ease as they enjoy playing with and alongside their peers. (not to mention all the different bike and car sounds that they make).

The road ethic they demonstrate is truly inspiring as they take turns and share their bikes, give way to each other and count together until it is their turn next.

There are so many great benefits that the children experience as they ride and balance on their bikes such as, confidence, pride and self-esteem that comes from a sense of accomplishment. Knowledge that practice and perseverance really does pay off, Good fun exercise, Self-awareness, self-responsibility and empathy and so much more.

Best of all it allows an opportunity for the children to bike off their energy and have loads and loads of fun!

We have some awesome road signs that will be going up soon for the tamariki to look at as they continue to enjoy and engage in their individual learning and environment here at Kids Count Pukekohe. 

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