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Practicing Turtle Safe with our Tamariki at Kids Count Pukekohe


"Turtle Safe" is an educational DVD developed specifically to teach preschool children what to do if they are inside or outdoors when an earthquake occurs.

Part of our turtle safe drills also is talking to children about earthquakes to help reduce fear and anxiety, encouraging them to ask questions and provide an opportunity for them to express their feelings through drawing, singing or talking.

Our Tamariki are gaining much confidence and an understanding of what to do in an earthquake situation. Turtle safe is a short you tube video that the tamariki watch and enjoy very much. It is an important learning tool for our tamariki to learn and understand what to do in the event of an earthquake, with the support of their Teachers.

The children remember how a turtle quickly gets into its shell to keep safe.

Here is what the Turtle safe DVD shows us what to do with a little rhyme for the children to remember.

If you are inside, quickly get under a table, and hold on to the table legs (if you can) so the table doesn't move away from you. Stay there until the shaking stops and you are told it is safe to come out by an adult.

If you are outside or there are no tables around, take no more than three steps away from things that can fall on you: DROP, COVER and HOLD

Practice your earthquake drill: DROP, COVER and HOLD.

We would also like to encourage whanau to have a browse on you tube for this Turtle safe clip to further enhance your child's earthquake awareness.

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