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Physical Literacy and building Relationships

Physical literacy and building relationships in the senior room as the children and teachers have fun playing a range of different games together.

Our senior Room Tamariki and Kaiako have been exploring board games together. Twister has been one of their favourite games to play and has provided much enjoyment, fun and laughter as the children and Kaiako play twister together. The children have had fun recognising colours, shapes, left and right and moving parts of their body all over the twister mat.

It also a game that encourages the children to focus with their brains while undergoing physical exertion – further strengthening the bond between their body and brain.

Beyond the social and emotional benefits of playing a game together such as twister, it also supports children to work on motor coordination, both fine motor skills and gross motor skills, balance and flexibility.

For children the 3- to 6-year-old age group, these motor skills are very important for success and self-esteem.

Supporting children to develop and improve their fine motor coordination will help with writing and drawing as the children thrive and develop on their own individual learning journey preparing them for school.

Some other activities and games the children also like to play and enjoy together are puzzles, climbing, balancing outdoors, playing ten pin bowling and group games such as duck duck goose.

One of the greatest learning outcomes that the children also learn as they are playing these games and turn taking is building relationships and they have lots of fun and laughter together.

Kaiako in the senior room have noticed there have been some enormous developmental benefits as the children play and explore games such as twister, not just the physical benefits of playing twister, but the interactions the children have with their peers and Kaiako as they interact and speak with each other; improving their listening and speaking skills, negotiate rules, take turns, (co-operation) make decisions and choices, (social competency skills) it provides opportunities for co-operative play helps increase concentration and memory skills they are thinking and problem solving all the time. 

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