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Our Mini Olympics - Sports Day at Kids Count Pukekohe

 Our own mini–Olympic sports day at Kids Count Pukekohe.

The children enjoyed watching short clips of the athletes competing in the Olympic events. At mat-time the children discussed having their own Olympics sports day. The Kaiako asked the tamariki what sports they would like to do and try. From the children's interest in the Olympics, we decided to have our very own mini-Olympics/ sports day.

What great fun the tamariki had as they participated in games and events like running races, shot put, long jump, soccer and ten pin bowling.

The children experienced many learning opportunities while having fun on their Olympics/sports day. They were patient as they waited for their turn, determined as they tried new sports and experienced kotahitanga (unity), teamwork as they cheered each other on and supported each other. The children learnt and practiced new skills and enhanced their knowledge about different sports. They gained confidence and control of their bodies and showed great sportsmanship as they worked as a team, as well as developing a sense of enjoyment and participation. These experiences certainly empowered the mana of all the children as they were able to make links with the wider community and gain an understanding of what the Olympics/sports days are all about.

We made medals for the children for participating out of cardboard and ribbons.

What a wonderful day we had with lots of fun and laughter.

Ka mau te wehi nga tamariki – Awesome 

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