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Music and Movement

Our Toddlers at Kids Count Pukekohe love to sing and dance with and alongside each other showing off their fantastic moves. Lately the toddlers have been using their imaginations to make and create their own musical instruments both indoors and outdoors. Dancing and swaying to the rhythm and beat as they busy themselves throughout their day.

The children love to see their teachers singing and dancing with and alongside them throughout their day. What a fun environment it creates.

Music is everywhere in the world – we hear it in the car, at home at the supermarket, on the street and at cinemas. Music can help build your child's imagination, language and thought processes, and provides an experience that can relax and delight.

Baby shark still seems to be the babies and toddlers favourite song

What learning is occurring:

Vocabulary, language and communication.

Memory and imagination.

Early music appreciation.


Develop rhythmic body movements.

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