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Mother's Day Week

 This week in the lead up to Mother's Day ๐Ÿ’ our tamariki have been very very busy preparing little surprise gifts for their special mums.

In the Babies Room we started the week off with card making and some exploration with clay turned into a little jewellery dish. We explored with something a little different this week, getting our children to help us make a body scrub using used coffee grounds, brown sugar, fresh rosemary from our garden and coconut oil, we also made fizzy bath bombs as gifts using cornflour, citric acid, coconut oil, Epsom salts, baking soda and lavender oil. These activities encouraged tamariki to help, take turns, measure, feel and smellโ€ฆ. It was a great team effort and the bonus was watching the bath bombs fizz away in water.

Painting is always a crowd pleaser, our tamariki enjoyed creating beautiful art for their mums.

In the interest of our children, sensory play is something we are wanting to explore more this month and for this week we've experimented with gloop, salt dough, clay, finger painting and cookie cutting.

It's been a wonderful busy week and we cannot wait to share the rest of the month of May with you all.

In the 2 year old room we prepared Mother's Day cards by doing some handprints. We explored building with blocks and discussing shapes.  We set up a calm down sensory regulation area for our Juniors. 

In the 3 year old room they also spent time getting a gift ready for Mum and did some swimming. 

In the 5 year old room we have been getting ready for Mothers Day, and our tamariki have been so excited about hand-making special gifts and cards for our mums. This week we started our 'Letter of the Day' activities, where we focused on M for mouse and U for umbrella. We created our crafts based on our letters which allowed us to work on our fine motor skills as we practiced our scissor skills, gluing, constructing, pencil grip, colouring, and finger painting, all while focusing on our letter sounds. After this week, we can now recognize, sound out and read the word, MUM. What a special accomplishment to share with our mums this Mothers Day.

We've had lots of exciting free play, both inside and outside, allowing us to learn and discover many exciting new things. This time has allowed us to create opportunities to explore our world in our own way and helps us foster creativity and use our imagination. Active play is critical for our physical development. It develops coordination, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills. Play builds the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Whether it's been water play, sand play, blocks, dinosaurs, animal and insect play, building castles, creating shape patterns and pictures, construction play, looking at books, imaginary play, and so much more.

We've also had some wonderful transitions to school time, working on recognizing and writing our names, practicing the alphabet, letter recognition, letter tracing, counting, as well as scissor skills. This important time allows us, Kaiako, to have the opportunity to support our tamariki in developing strategies to navigate some of their early transitions โ€“ strategies that may continue to be influential in their later learning.

We look forward to next week and what exciting activities are in store for us.