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hot, hot fun in the sun, And celebrations!!

November 2018

The weather has been heating up, this makes a beautiful change and we have been providing the children with some amazing water play experiences. From jelly to frozen water, ice block crayons to floating boats and everything else water, water, water. Also learning about sun and water safety coming into a hot summer where children are exposed to water and lots of sun. the children are now getting good at rubbing in their own sunscreen. these learning experiences have been implemented centre wide as that has been the interest of all our children. We have had a few massive days with water fights that the children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed, I don't actually know who enjoyed them the most. We celebrated lots of birthdays and graduations this month, so that means lots of cakes and yummy food that the children have been enjoying including one graduation that our amazing parents brought the whole centre (children and staff) McDonalds for lunch, what an absolute surprise and treat. We are getting close to wrapping up for the year, we have defiantly had some amazing highlights and we are looking forward to all the Christmas fun in December.

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