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Hello from Honey Boo Boo

Hello Kids Count Friends and Whanau

My name is Honey Boo Boo. I am a Purebred Miniature Pony, and I am 7-8years old.

I am very excited to be living here at KIDSCOUNT Pukekohe with my other farm animal friends.I like to think I am the boss of the animals, and make sure that they do not misbehave. I am beginning to work on my sharing skills and am learning to share my food and sleeping quarters with my other animal friends. However, at times I really do struggle to share.

I am very clever, I have a great imagination and I love to role play, I like being an actress most of all, sometimes I lie down on the grass and pretend I am sleeping,I like to shake my Mane (my hair) and pretend I am the queen of all the animals. When I am not eating or thinking about eating or finding ways to steal food, I love eavesdropping and chasing the chickens, I even chase the sheep and the goat, yes I can be very sneaky but when I see you I make sure I behave.

I love listening to the parents and Teachers when they go into the office, I hear them laughing and talking, I like hanging around the door and windows of the offices listening sometimes I try and join in.

I love being here at Kids Count Pukekohe and love all the attention I get when the children are coming into the Centre in the mornings. I can hear you all calling my name throughout the day and that makes me very happy. I love being surrounded by people, especially children because I love listening to them, watching them, having them talk to me and give me pats through the fence. Sometimes I do talk back to you by moving my head or snorting and puffing. I do get tired and hot sometimes just like the children here at Kids Count, I can be grumpy to sometimes when I don't get my breakfast or lunch on time, however I have been watching all the children and am learning to use my words and be happy just like you all are.

One of my favorite things to do is eat. I love my food (and everyone else's food) but I am trying to be extra good and eat healthy food otherwise my legs get really sore and I get a sore tummy. I have to watch what I eat and the Teachers help me do this otherwise I can get very sick. I wonder if you all like to eat your yummy food that Whaea Shelley cooks you? Sometimes I smell your yummy food and my tummy rumbles.

I know sometimes that I go to the toilet in front of you all and you laugh at me but don't worry about that, the teachers all help me keep my paddock clean and tidy so you don't have to worry.

I wonder if the children at Kids Count Pukekohe can draw a picture of me or tell me a story, I love listening to stories, I see you all having so much fun with each other I really wish I could join you, but I need to wait for a teacher because I might get to excited and do lots of running and jumping just like all you children.

I have been for a walk with Whaea Katy and Whaea Rochelle down the road delivering pamphlets to share with the community, I want everyone to know what a beautiful Centre we have here at Kids Count Pukekohe. I did see some children down the road and I went to visit them at their house their Mummy was very nice she cave me a high 5 (a Pat) and said that I was gorgeous. I smiled at her with my big teeth and said thank you.

Before I came to Kids Count Pukekohe, I was a family pony and lived with Whaea Katy. Before that I was a circus pony that did all sorts of tricks. I can't do many tricks now, but I do enjoy playing with some of the toys here that the children share with me at the centre.

Just like you children sometimes I have to go to the doctors my doctors name is (POPPA) CARL, the farrier he looks after me and checks my hooves (feet) and my teeth. He makes sure that I am happy and often will brush me. After all I need to look beautiful for you children.

I love spreading joy to all the smiling faces of the children (my friends) here at KIDSCOUNT Pukekohe. Remember just like you all, I am reaching so many wonderful milestones as I continue on my Individual learning Journey. I have learnt so much from you all and I have a great sense of belonging.

Love from Honey Boo Boo.

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