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Health and Safety practices at Marne Road

Here at Marne Road we are very serious about keeping our tamariki safe. To help us with this, we have put some Health and Safety practices in place. Every month we practice our Fire Drill. Tamariki follow the footprints outside in the carpark all the way to the assembly point and listen for their name during the roll-call. We also practice our Earthquake Drill monthly and teach tamariki what to do when they are inside (crawl under the nearest table and hold on), outside (crawl into the turtle position and cover your head) or in the swimming pool (form a circle in the middle of the pool and hold on to your friends) when an earthquake strike. We are confident that all tamariki and kaiako know the procedures and will be able to keep each other safe in any emergency.

Hygiene practices are also very important and practiced throughout the day. Tamariki wash their hands with soap after being to the wharepaku and sanitise their hands after playing outside and before having kai. We are also applying sunblock regularly to ensure we are safe when playing outside on sunny days. Well done to everyone for following the Health and Safety procedures and for making sure we keep each other safe. Tino pai to mahi!

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