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Having fun with the Marble track.

Today we had some fun with our marble run.

The children gathered around Whaea Justine and shared their ideas about how the marble track should be built. The children began to show Whaea Justine all the different pieces of the marble track and what colors of the marble track should be joined together.  

As the children worked together they explored different ways to build the foundation of the marble track strong to prevent it from crashing down and being all wobbly. Once the marble track was strong; and the children were happy with the building of the track the children took turns to place the marble in the track and watch the marble pop out the bottom of the track. 

What a great activity and so much fun. This activity offered opportunities for social interaction, working with and alongside others , building relationships and respect for each other as they worked together and co-operated. It also helped the children become resourceful and creative problem solvers as they worked together to build the marble track stronger.

As the children laughed and giggled together they were able to show what great perseverance skills they had  as well as learning to take turns, being patient, sharing their personal space and having so much  fun. 

What an awesome activity!

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