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Having fun Balancing

 Having fun balancing both indoors and outdoors.

At kids Count Pukekohe our Tamariki have had so much fun exploring balance both indoors and outdoors.

This wonderful learning experience provides many opportunities for the children to learn about problem solving, perseverance, determination, communication, and teamwork.

Children love moving and movement and being physically active is an important part of everyday life. Finding ways every day for children to use large and small muscles allows them to gain increasing control over their bodies. Physical activity promotes children's mental and emotional health as well as their physical well-being.

Physically active play supports learning across all strands of Te Whāriki. In particular, it supports the Exploration strand, where children gain confidence in and control of their bodies. They develop increasing knowledge about how to keep physically healthy.

Physically active play can help children to

• develop large muscles, strength, and balance

• develop flexibility and coordination including hand–eye coordination

• develop skills such as throwing, catching, hopping, skipping, climbing, and balancing

• develop awareness of space, such as over/ under, in front/behind, on top/beneath, inside/outside

• develop mathematical concepts such as long/short, big/small, wide/narrow

• be confident in controlling their bodies and learn their limits

• learn to co-operate and share

• understand that physical activity is fun and can release tension.

Whanau at home you may have some useful resources to encourage balancing at home

Such as:

• skipping ropes

• ribbons or scarves

• balls, bean bags

• balancing boards

• cones

• swings

• slides and other fixed equipment

• boxes, planks and ladders

• other junk material

• tunnels.

At home whanau you can support children by, making sure spaces are safe and free from obstructions, making sure the equipment is safe, well maintained and positioned safely, letting them play around with equipment in their own way and at their own pace and joining in with their creative fun.

Best of all by making sure physical play resources and opportunities are available at all times.

Kids Count Whanau it would be great to see what balancing ideas you may come up with and share these with the centre.

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