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Face Painting is so much fun.

 Face painting has become one of our Children's favourite activities to explore here at Kids Count Pukekohe.  The children have a blast as they gather to watch what their peers have chosen to have painted on their face. The children are definitely masters of the moment and love the way it feels as it is being painted on their faces and become super proud of the way it looks. Laughing and encouraging their peers to have a turn and join in.

It is a wonderful learning experience to watch as each child communicates and gets into the character or animal they are trying to recreate. When the painting is complete the children like look in the mirror and give the teacher their nod of approval.

Face painting gives children the opportunity to develop artistic and creative skills, encounter the unique sensory experience of having their faces painted, as well as giving them the opportunity to develop this art activity into imaginative social play with their peers whilst bringing a character of their imagination to real life form within themselves.

This kind of creativity helps support cognitive growth by developing neural connections that prepare the brain for learning. It's a fantastic sensory experience, fine motor experience , it extends our thinking, reasoning and processing skills, increases coordination and creativity, and best of all it's just plain fun!

The centre transforms as the children play, explore, and express themselves throughout their learning environment and through the character they have chosen to be.

So next time you come and visit us at Kids Count Pukekohe be prepared to see our children unleashing their character and full potential of their individuality and creativity through face painting.

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