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Exploring the anatomy of apples.

 Science - Putaiao

Here at Kids Count Pukekohe the children in Whaea Phidelia's room have been learning all about apples. The different types of apples you can buy and eat. The children learnt that apples come in many different colours, shapes and sizes. Some apples are sweet, and some apples can be sour.

However, the children all agreed that apples are delicious to eat and very good for us.

After our discussion about apples we cut an apple in half , the outside (the skin) of the apple was red and the inside of the apple (the flesh) was white and had little tiny brown seeds in the middle of the apple. We had so much fun learning about the anatomy of an apple.

A few weeks ago, Whaea Phidelia and the children planted some of the apple seeds, and they have started to grow. This is very exciting.

Whaea Phidelia and the children then did an awesome science experiment with the apples. After slicing the apples, the children then placed them in containers filled with water, salt water, vinegar and baking soda. The children then watched to see what happened to the apple slices.

I wonder what will happen to the apple tamariki? We will have to wait and see.

Whaea Phidelia then created some material ingredients to make a pretend apple pie with.

The children loved following the imaginative recipe and opening all the cooking jars just like they would if they were cooking at home.

What a wonderful learning experience, exploration, experimentation, and some wonderful communication skills as the children were able to take the lead in this activity.

Together we learnt how to observe, collect, and make use of information, whilst developing our research skills.

We also gained knowledge and an understanding of the wider world around us and felt a wonderful sense of belonging as we pretended and used our imagination to bake our apple pie.

What great scientists and active learners we have at Kids Count Pukekohe, as you explored and recognised the unique relationship between science and nature.

Ka mau te wehi – Awesome!

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