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Environments and Routines.

 Environments and Routines.

Here at Kids Count Pukekohe our flexible routines allow times for individual play/learning, small group and large group play sessions. Children's language and literacy skills are further developed during these times as children are involved in mat-times, learning times, storytelling, drama and games. Music and movement also plays a big part of these learning times as children are able to experiment with dancing, singing and exercising their bodies.

Physical spaces are made available for children to engage in rest and quiet experiences. Educators provide a range of active and restful experiences and support children to make appropriate decisions to explore, experience and gain a strong belong in their learning environment.

At Kids Count Pukekohe each of our centre's rooms are individual and uniquely tailored to suit the age and development stage of your child, supporting each child to reach their individual milestones. The diversity of the educators, children, families and the wider community are filled of laughter, fun and educational resources.

Every room caters for all aspects of children's learning including physical, social, emotional, personal, spiritual, creative, cognitive and linguistic. Children's learning is dynamic and complex, and the centres environment and park like grounds, farm animals and heated indoor swimming pool are well designed for this.

As your child grows and develops so will their needs, interests and abilities. To cater for this your child will gradually transition to the next room with the support of their teacher and communication and collaboration with you (whanau).

Following this your child will be introduced to their up-and-coming room with the support of their teacher and short visits to the new room to ensure a successful and smooth transition.

By the time your child is ready to begin their next learning journey they are comfortable and excited to transition into their next learning environment.

At Kids Count Pukekohe we are one big family.

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