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Engaged children @ Marne Road

Engagement is a state of being genuinely involved and interested in something. Children learn best when they are deeply engaged in what they are doing or experiencing. When children are engaged, they are more likely to get along with others and be motivated to learn, while being less likely to experience stress. This is what we thrive on here at Kids Count Marne Road. Our teachers observe our tamariki and find out what their interests are. From there we provide engaging activities to spark their interests. Our teachers stand, kneel, lie down or sit with the children, chat with them and pick up on their interests and ideas. Talk about the choices they have made, watch what they do with materials and join their play. There will be opportunities to encourage the children's thinking, to build on what they say and to answer questions.

This week we had so many exciting things going on from storytelling to smoothie making. Our kids love to play outdoors on our sunny days and explore water and messy play.  Strengthening fine motor skills is also one of our favorite things to do. Our children also do cutting, pasting, painting and puzzles.

Whaea Danielle, Kirsten & Salote went to spread some Christmas cheer and drop off Christmas gifts to our tamariki at home.