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Easter time

For Easter this month we did a fundraising raffle with 4 prizes and we would like to say congratulations to Chryssaani/L.A/Kartels family and friends who won the 2 biggest eater hampers and Treyzel/Hazen and Vao families who won the 3rd and 4th smaller hampers. I'm sure the children loved receiving all the yummy chocolates just in time for Easter.

We took our children down to story time at the Clendon library and they had a special Peter Rabbit story time for the children. The kids really enjoyed this and then for the last story they children acted out an Easter story and had outfits to put on and props to use. It was really neat to see the children get up and acting out the story.

Lastly we ended our Easter week with a big Easter egg hunt. the teachers hid heaps of Easter eggs in the playground and the children all had little loot bags and it was a free for all hunt. All the children got Easter eggs and loved getting to eat all the chocolate. So all in all , out children have been really busy over the last week and getting to enjoy all of the fun and exciting Easter activities. 

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