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Christmas Party - trip to Butterfly Creek

For our Christmas party this year the staff decided to treat the children to a trip to butterfly creek as they have been interested in many animals. The children got to learn lots about all the different animals prior to this trip, getting them all excited and enthusiastic about what was to come.

Once the day finally arrived the children were all very animated, unable to sit still for long. When the children were finally let loose they got to see loads of different animals in the farm area, getting to touch the rabbits, a goat, a pig, guinea pigs, turtles and a pony.

The most popular area however was the new dinosaur kingdom, with the children all mimicking the mechanical "ROAAAR" coming from the huge brontosaurus who's his head moved from side to side. Some of the children were so worried about the brontosaurus being hungry that they kindly saved some of their sandwiches specially to feed him! As the day drew to a close there were many sleepy, tired children not willing to leave! Once in the vans however, they all fell asleep after their long and busy day.

Thank you to the fantastic team of staff and parents we had, helping to make the day a huge success!