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Celebrating Others

 At Kids Count Lenore Road we have had many of our children who have gone all the way through, from being babies to now graduating to go to big school! We have also have had many birthdays and the Dolphin Room teachers thought this would be an awesome learning opportunity. The teachers would speak to the children about how they were able to feel happiness for their friends and share in their moment whether it is a birthday or graduation, even though it is not 'their' birthday. Often the children would try and make the moment about themselves instead of sharing it with their friends and being happy if it wasn't about them. The children have been making huge leaps and bounds already and for graduations they have been saying something they have liked about their friend, before they leave to go to big school. Although being children they are still going to have quite an egocentric way of thinking, it is positive to see and hear new things developing already within them!