Children's Christmas carnival

​This year we had a carnival to celebrate Christmas, we celebrated this over 2 Fridays. We organised for a food caravan to come for the day, we had a massive jumpy castle and a popcorn and candyfloss machine (better late than never), a ferris wheel and merry go round and our own talented face painter. Santa turned up on the day on a motor bike and ...
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Water play

​With all the hot weather lately the children have been having lots of water play. They just cant seem to get enough of it. They all enjoy being wet and being in water. We have made a water slide with the mats, had the pool out, filled the water troof with different coloured water and bubbles, had colours in the water trays and children had dropper...
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Car park Friday

 Car park Friday. the children enjoy having the whole big car park to themselves, running around and having lots of space. they like watching the cars and trucks go past and make the most of the different learning environment. Happy Friday!!!!
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Fundamental movement

 This week at gymnastics the children played games and sung songs with a parachute, it seems that no matter what children are playing with the parachute or where ever it is they always go crazy and have so much fun. We did the wheels on the bus, and round and round the garden songs with the parachute and the children really enjoyed it. Then we...
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Story time @ the libary

On Wednesday we got to go to the Clendon rec library for story time and the guy leading out was amazing, he loved telling the stories as much as the children enjoyed listening and joining in. There were 3 other centres there with their children too. He read the incy wincy spider then we did the song and actions, then we did a rain song with the sca...
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Our new pet turtle

 Introducing our new turtle friend. His name is Ninja, the children have enjoyed watching him in and out of his tank and having a little pat of his shell and watching him eat. We have also been getting some of our children to dig in the garden and dig out some worms for him
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 Yesterday we had a dress up day for Halloween, it was awesome to see the different outfits the children had been dressed up in. We had a halloween dance party and movie, and special halloween activites out for the day. Was a very fun and scary day had by all. Happy halloween, trick or treat.
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 Our 4 year olds started back at gymnastics this week. It is so good to watch them develop and grow more skills every week. When we dont have enough 4 year olds some of our 3 year old fill in the spaces which is fun for them. Also this term we are back to having an afternoon class. Today they focused on ball schools, fine and gross motor skill...
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Wow what a great September.

​Let spring begin. We started the month with the chidren planting some seeds, some vegies and some flowers, the children have been able to water these and watch them grow.  Our Nga Teina rooms planning was just focused on spring and everything that happens during spring, like all the baby lambs that are born and the daffidols th...
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August 2017

Wow, August has been such  fun filled month, we had a lot going  on. Our 4 year olds planning for August was based on the Children's voices and interests, some of those activities /interests were arts and crafts, puzzles and team sports. The children got to expereiance something different everyday, with beautiful activites and a grea...
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Weymouth in July

Welcome back to all those that have been off on a wonderful term break! With many children away with their families, those that did come in were spoilt with a range of fun filled activities. The children got to go the botanical gardens, supermarket shopping, sports day in the car park, made lolly log and rice bubble cakes, went on a treasure hunt a...
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Nga Teina for March 2017

Nga Teina for March 2017
During the month we had a fantastic nature walk looking for spiders and their webs! We found many webs with flies and other insects caught in them but the spiders seemed to have gone.  We also found many cicada shells, some children were brave enough to hold them while others just looked at them from afar.   Some children also got to visi...
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Nga Tuakana for March 2017

Nga Tuakana for March 2017
This month we worked on building our tamariki's confidence with communication and basic literacy.  In the process of doing so we chose a new book each week, focusing on the different parts of the book, the story itself, the different characters and the illustrations. Our tamariki then used their imaginations to draw what they loved most about ...
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Gymnastics at our Weymouth Centre

Gymnastics at our Weymouth Centre
As part of our transition to school program this year we are taking all our 4-year-old children to the Clendon Recreation Centre on a Tuesday for gymnastic lessons.  The children have been really enjoying taking part, and are all every excited and enthusiastic for Tuesdays to roll around each week.  Through the program the children are de...
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Fun Over the Christmas Holiday

What a fantastic time all the children have had over the Christmas holidays! With many of the children on holiday there was lots of opportunities for local walks and trips for those that came in. The children got to visit the park, the beach, have lots of picnics, dress up days, water play days etc. With the children's key interest at the moment be...
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Christmas Party - trip to Butterfly Creek

Christmas Party - trip to Butterfly Creek
For our Christmas party this year the staff decided to treat the children to a trip to butterfly creek as they have been interested in many animals. The children got to learn lots about all the different animals prior to this trip, getting them all excited and enthusiastic about what was to come. Once the day finally arrived the children were all v...
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