Virtual Graduation 2022


What an exciting day it has been for our centre today. We have had 6 beautiful tamariki graduate today who are ready to move on and tackle big school. We appreciate all our parents who took the time to join us live through messenger to watch their tamariki graduation and for their patience during this process.  We wish all our graduates the ve...

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Balloon Party


There was so much excitement and laughter in the Nga Tuakana room as the children bounced their balloons around. Hana took them through the skills of bouncing them up high and then low. they did counting as they tapped the balloons up in the air and they wanted to do this again and again.Putting all the balloons on a sheet and then slowly getting u...

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Planting is cool!!!


Our lovely teacher Leela is a green thumb and has been prepping our gardens with some delicious strawberry seeds. She has also made little seed hothouses using wet paper towels to place the seeds on, and zip lock bags to hang them on the window, and our deck. Our little friend Tyson loves naming all the vegetables and fruits that he can see growing...

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Hide and Seek - August 2021


Can you help us find what items Julia removed of our blue tray?

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Faikakai Topai - September 2021


 Mālō e Lelei Whaea Leela here and to celebrate Tongan Language week, I thought we could make some yummy Faikakai Topai ! They are super easy to make and are really yummy So come and join me as I make some Faikakai for my household Ma'u ha aho lelei ( Have a good day )

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Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


Here is Tracey our center cook baking her banana chocolate chip muffins. Hope you get to make them at home with you whanau.  Recipe from: Edmonds Cookery Book

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Bubble 1 Fun - October 2021


Look what our tamariki made this morning …. MILKSHAKES We made chocolate milkshakes - banana milkshakes & a fruit juice smoothie Kevin & Hunter enjoyed mashing up the bananas, crushing the chocolate and pushing the button on the blender to mix everything together. They loooved the taste of all the milkshakes they made "Cheers big ears" we s...

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Bubble 2 Fun - October 2021


Fun in the sunshine magic painting... Trains and tracks,Thank you Mel, Bridget & Rhiannon we love what you have painted for us ...Treasure hunt and musical chairs all part of filling their days with fun memories 

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Alphabet with our Van team - October 2021


Kia ora koutou the van ladies have been busy making a video of the alphabet for you all. Hope you all enjoy this as much as they enjoyed making it for you. 

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Dinosaur Week - November 2021


Dinosaurs week we having been measuring how high they are with blocks , biggest to smallest with matching cards, and foot print painting. 

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See you later alligator - November 2021


Morena, Come and join your favourite van ladies in a waiata We hope your keeping safe our friends - We can't wait till we can have all of you back with us in centre again. 

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Pedicures for a HOT day


 Today to relieve us of this very muggy hot day, Susie decided to dip her feet in some water. Kevin thought it was a wonderful idea to slowly creep his small feet into the water tray for a very relaxing pedicure.

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Graduation 2021


 On Friday 22nd January, we celebrated with 14 graduations with 4 in the morning and 10 in the afternoon. We had a lot of whanau come into the centre to see the achievement of all our graduating tamariki.  All our children were proud to receive their graduation certificate, learning portfolio and a bag filled with goodies. They all stood ...

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Interactive Tyres


A competition was set out for all Kids Count Centre for each Centre to participate in creating a tyre work of art for tamariki and the appearance of our Centre. Our project leader was Julia and she had a discussion with all our staff about making this project an interactive environment for all our children.  It's awesome to see how all ou...

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On a Tuesday, Nga Tuakana Room attend gymnastic at Te Matariki Clendon Community Centre. Gymnastic is a fundamental  activity that our tamariki participate in for 1 hour. They learn how to develop their gross motor skills by using a range of movements and equipment. Our tamariki love participating in our Tuesday gymnastics.  

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Our Cultural Day Celebration


Yay! our cultural celebration was so much fun. Our tamariki did so well with their singing and a great support from our parents. A big thank you to everyone for making today a very fun filled and happy day with our families. 

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Nuiean Language Week


This week we have had so much fun and excitement learning about "Who I am" and the Niuean language and culture. We coloured the Niuean flag, coloured in and did collage on banana templates. We explored green bananas using our sense of touch and smell and then tasted it when it was cooked, "Yummy for our tummy." We wove mats using flax and paper. We...

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My Culture, My identity!


This has been a very exciting week learning about "My culture, My identity." We have done our self-portraits with our names and ages. My mihi is very special as it tells about me and my family members in pictures that I have drawn."Know about me" is another special activity of my handprint which tells about my favourite things and what I like to do...

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Holiday Fun!


This week we have been busy learning the Fijian language and culture along with the activities of the holiday programme. We coloured in the Fijian flag, did turtle screen printing and coloured in turtle pictures. We made natural leaves bracelets and made yummy coconut ice. Counting numbers in Fijian language was a little tricky ...

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Dress Up Party


Last month we had a dress up party where all our tamariki (children) and Kaiako (teachers) came into the centre dress up in superhero costumes, animals, fairies and a few unicorns! This day was filled with fun activities like doughnut eating and pop the balloon for lollies. We had our lovely Leela do the face painting (and she also was our Sponge B...

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