Come and join us at Kids Count Pukekohe

Welcome to Kids Count Pukekohe. We are a Kiwi-owned family of childcare centres established to ensure that each and every child attending our centres can reach their potential, no matter what their family circumstances. We believe Education is critical to future happiness and success. It starts in the home and is supported by children attending a p...
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Having Fun at Kids Count Pukekohe

 Here at Kids Count Pukekohe we offer a wide range of exciting and fun learning opportunities our children. We have a large spacious outdoor play area enriched in a natural environmental setting with large trees and gardens. This provides the children opportunities to explore, learn, build relationships, challenge themselves and gain confidenc...
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Kids Count Pukekohe Farm Animals.

Here at Kids Count Pukekohe we welcome our new additions to our nearly complete farm…. 8 chickens, two lambs, a goat and our very own miniature horse called Honey Boo Boo to the centre, who will live in a wonderful farm environment that we have created and be part of the children's learning environment. Our very own centre's Farm. We are very ...
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Our chickens have arrived!

We are so excited here at Kids Count Pukekohe as we have 8 new additions to our whanau.  Our chickens have arrived and our tamariki were so excited when they arrived last week.  They are gentle and friendly and love to have our tamariki come and visit them :)
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Create and Imagine!

If it is busy with the blocks and our balloon friends or creating culinary masterpieces in our bush... Tamariki are always busy learning, creating and using their imagination. This is the joy we have at Kids Count Pukekohe with our big outdoor areas filled with trees and exciting areas to  explore and create!
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KC Pukekohe Ice Cream Store

Our 3 year olds were super interested in having ice cream. So the Kaiako created ice creams and an ice cream store for them to sell and make ice creams. These area all low calorie, low sugar, low food ice creams :) but still created so much fun and learning :) 
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What's in the ice!

Who would of thought freezing items in a container would create so much learning and not to mention fun!  While the activity builds on social interactions it will also bring experiences with sensory, properties of objects and textures.  While you are at home with your tamariki, why not grab out an old container, head around your back yard...
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​Our 4 year olds have been taking what they have been learning with different activities using their fine motor skills and applying it to writing their names.  Something as simple as ripping paper, squeezing pegs can help your child learn to write!  
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Pamper Day!

Every school holidays there is an extra special day that all of our tamariki love and that is pamper day.  They get spoilt with foot rubs and nail polish and have a lot of fun.  Our Kaiako love treating them to these relaxing experiences and seeing the smiles on their faces :)  
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It may look messy but there is so much learning going on!  Gloop is a fun, messy and interactive way to discover the tamariki senses.  As the children play with the gloop, they talk about their experience... words like... Slimy... Yucky... Wet... Cold.  Learning can be so much fun, especially when we get messy :)  
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KC Pukekohe Bakery

Our 3 year olds had a blast making sand cakes.  Their yummy delights really had them thinking and planning out their recipes.  There is so much to learn when you bake a sand cake, some of these things are maths - measuring out your water and sand, turn taking - when someone else needs your measuring cup, construction - how tall can you ma...
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Christmas Photo Frames

​Our 4 year old class decided to make their own picture frame to take some Christmas portraits.  Check out how creative they were and some of those poses!  They had a blast with each of them contributing to the frame.
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Skills for life...

Our four year olds in the Tainui room have been growing a vege garden. They have started from the beginning of planning a garden to digging the garden, planting seeds, repotting and then putting their plants into the garden and now caring for the garden. This a life skill they can take with them wherever they go. By digging our back lawn teaches yo...
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Library Visits

This year we have started our Library visits. The senior tamariki go along with our Kaiako and parent helpers to the Pukekohe Library where they run activities and read to tamariki. The Pukekohe Library send along a Library staff member to run a program here for our Junior Tamariki. This is a great experience for all tamariki getting used to excurs...
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Learning about the Cook Islands

What  a fabulous week we have had, the weather never seems to dampen our spirits. As I type this the weather has settled in and the outlook is grey. Yet here at Kids Count Pukekohe we have a sunshine outlook  The week has been full-on ,learning about the Cook Islands  running around until you just need a rest, munching on y...
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Guest Visitor

We have a visitor who periodically  likes to  pop in and lend a hand. I am not sure but I think he believes he works here. I am not sure but it has been said that he has been seen in a Kids Count van( not driving). We are excited to see what happens next with our new friend so please make sure that you follow our Faceb...
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Amazing School Holiday Fun Part 1

What a week we have had at Kids Count Pukekohe. The holidays brought the sun, the rain, the wind and yet that did not deter us from having the best time. From experiments to teddy bear picnics wheels we just did not stop. It was a fun filled energetic amazing two weeks of some incredible times and bucket loads of fun. I tried with photos to capture...
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Holiday Blast

Friday has arrived and here at Kids Count we have had the most phenomenal week. The holiday program has been in full swing and all of our tamariki have had the best time and I believe so have alot of our staff. Baking and pampering, wheel day and who can forget our teddy bear picnic so much variety. We had the pleasure of having many special guests...
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Matariki was the most amazing night. Thank you to all the families that came and made the night so memorable. To see all the dancing children, the smiling faces and the wonderful star painted faces. We had a beautiful celebration and look forward to next year to do it all again.
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Monday Rememberance

Its Monday who knows the exciting things we are all going to get up to. It seems like the day is trying to hold onto as much sun as possible so for Kids Count Pukekohe that can only mean one things...………………..bikes, sand, running around, exploring and just enjoying each other s company while having a blast. Just recently  we...
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