Environments and Routines.

 Environments and Routines. Here at Kids Count Pukekohe our flexible routines allow times for individual play/learning, small group and large group play sessions. Children's language and literacy skills are further developed during these times as children are involved in mat-times, learning times, storytelling, drama and games. Music and movem...
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Painting and Drawing - peita me te tuhi

 Painting and drawing At Kids Count Pukekohe the Senior room tamariki have been using a diversity of tools and equipment to explore art activities and experiences. They love exploring using their all their senses and it offers the children an opportunity to express their ideas and feelings. The tamariki have so much fun getting involved in art...
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Our Mini Olympics - Sports Day at Kids Count Pukekohe

 Our own mini–Olympic sports day at Kids Count Pukekohe. The children enjoyed watching short clips of the athletes competing in the Olympic events. At mat-time the children discussed having their own Olympics sports day. The Kaiako asked the tamariki what sports they would like to do and try. From the children's interest in the Olympics, we de...
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Celebrating Graduations at Kids Count Pukekohe

 Graduations at Pukekohe Kids Count Turning the big 5 is exciting and going to big school is even more exciting. This is a massive milestone transitioning to big school and at Kids Count Pukekohe we want to celebrate that milestone for every child that turns 5.We want to ensure that their transition to Primary School is as smooth and as exciti...
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Making a bubble blower with a milk bottle and some dish wash liquid.

 Making a bubble blower with a milk bottle and some dish wash liquid. Here is a great free children's Craft idea during lockdown, making a bubble blower. You will need an empty milk bottle. A parent to help you to cut around the top of the empty milk bottle. (see pictures of Matua James how he has marked the milk bottle to cut) Some dish ...
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Cuddles has a video to share with our Kids Count Whanau

 Kia ora whanau, Hope you are all well.  Our special friend Cuddles called whaea Eva and said 'Whaea, I am so sad, I miss all my friends at kindy...when are they coming back?  Where have all my friends gone, why are they not comming to kindy? Do you think I can see my friends?' Whaea Eva,  then explained to Cuddles that the...
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Food and Nutrition, creating a love for food and baking with the children.

 At Kids Count Pukekohe we value the importance of food and nutrition and we recognise the role we have in establishing healthy eating habits, helping to shape your child's attitude towards food and setting them up for life. Our carefully designed menu that our amazing Centre cook creates ensures that it is well balanced, nutritious, and most ...
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Physical Literacy and building Relationships

Physical literacy and building relationships in the senior room as the children and teachers have fun playing a range of different games together. Our senior Room Tamariki and Kaiako have been exploring board games together. Twister has been one of their favourite games to play and has provided much enjoyment, fun and laughter as the children ...
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Meet Cuddles

 We have a new member of our Kids Count Pukekohe Team his name is Cuddles. Whaea Eva our CSS lead adopted Cuddles and looks after him. Cuddles helps our Tamariki to self-regulate as well as provides positive praise and rewards. Cuddles visits the rooms throughout the centre and is able to have lots of cuddles with the tamariki. Today we g...
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Practicing Turtle Safe with our Tamariki at Kids Count Pukekohe

 PRACTISING TURTLE SAFE "Turtle Safe" is an educational DVD developed specifically to teach preschool children what to do if they are inside or outdoors when an earthquake occurs. Part of our turtle safe drills also is talking to children about earthquakes to help reduce fear and anxiety, encouraging them to ask questions and provide an opport...
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Supporting and engaging with our Kids Count Whanau and Tamariki Covid August 2021

We once again experienced level 4 Lockdown with a new variant of a covid virus called delta. Our Kids Count Pukekohe Centre was unable to operate over this period of time however in the MOE bulletin on the 20th August we were allowed to deliver contactless resource packs to our whanau and Tamariki to encourage distance education with our Kids Count...
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Building relationships

 Another busy month of developing relationships, growing our young minds and having a sense of belonging within our learning environment here in the babies and toddler's room at Kids Count Pukekohe. The Tamariki have been busy exploring a variety of learning experiences such as arts and crafts, sensory play, family play music and art and prete...
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Oh The Joys Of Mud!

 Oh the joys of mud! Here at Kids Count Pukekohe we spotted some of our children playing in the environment as the rain left some great muddy puddles. The children explored the mud puddles and dirt as a part of their play, mixing soil, water, and other natural materials like pebbles and leaves with utensils of interest providing the children w...
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Are you looking for an Environment that is Inspiring, Nurturing and full of fun?

Here at Kids Count Pukekohe we offer amazing opportunities for our children to grow and thrive in an environment that is nurturing, inspiring and full of fun. At kids Count Pukekohe we take play seriously, because children learn best through experiences created through play. Children learn from their play, they grow in self-confidence, self-express...
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Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is not just about movement skills it is also about how the brain and body are connected, and helps children use movement to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Children learn through play, and their bodies learn this way too. At Kids Count Pukekohe our Tamariki love to run, climb, jump and explore their...
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Having fun Balancing

 Having fun balancing both indoors and outdoors. At kids Count Pukekohe our Tamariki have had so much fun exploring balance both indoors and outdoors. This wonderful learning experience provides many opportunities for the children to learn about problem solving, perseverance, determination, communication, and teamwork. Children love moving and...
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Having fun with Creative Art - Mahi Toi

 Waihanga-tanga -creativity Mana Aotuuroa- exploration Hiri-nga- determination Exploring the learning objectives that creative arts provide our Tamariki is one of the most rewarding and engaging learning experiences for all tamariki. Cutting with the scissors and developing the skill of opening and closing whilst cutting helps children develop...
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Learning that occurs through the outdoor environment.

 The natural world is a playground and a place of discovery for adults and children alike, it is a place for adventure, exploration and imagination as well as generating a deepening care and connectedness with our environment. We also know that the early and frequent positive experiences in the natural environment have a major impact on the he...
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The Importance of Friendships

Here at Kids Count Pukekohe, we support our Tamariki to develop special friendships by encouraging and understanding social competency skills throughout their learning environment such as communication, collaboration, empathy, patience and responsibility and perseverance. Children begin to form relationships at an early age, we believe it is import...
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Music and Movement

Our Toddlers at Kids Count Pukekohe love to sing and dance with and alongside each other showing off their fantastic moves. Lately the toddlers have been using their imaginations to make and create their own musical instruments both indoors and outdoors. Dancing and swaying to the rhythm and beat as they busy themselves throughout their day. The ch...
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