Welcoming 2021


Its another new year and  we welcomed the New Year with our New Year 

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My Culture, My Identity


 Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Fakalofa Lahi Atu, Kia Orana, Malo e Lelei, Talofa Lava, Namaste, Tēnā Koutou Katou!  A very warm greetings to you all.  Throughout the month of November we prepared ourselves for our "BIG DAY".  Part of our preparation was putting the children in their own ethnic groups, where they learne...

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Celebrating Our Culture


Kia Ora Whanau!!  Over the last two months, we celebrated four Language Weeks - Tongan, Te Reo Maori, Fijian and Niuean. We also celebrated the Indian Festival of Lights also known as "Diwali". During these two months, both tamarikis and kaiakos learned new words and phrases from these respective nations and we would use th...

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Celebrating Others


 At Kids Count Lenore Road we have had many of our children who have gone all the way through, from being babies to now graduating to go to big school! We have also have had many birthdays and the Dolphin Room teachers thought this would be an awesome learning opportunity. The teachers would speak to the children about how they were able to fe...

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Children's Christmas Party!


Today the weather was put on for us with nothing but clear blue skies and amazing hot weather for our WATERPLAY! The children loved showing off their swimming togs, and that wasn't even the fun part! The teachers had organised sprinklers, waterslides, water guns and water balloons all for the children and they were blown away and so excited! The ch...

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This is our Lenore Road Village!


"We have travelled over the mountains, through the valleys and through all of the seas to meet together here at our Kids Count Lenore Road Village". These were the amazing opening words from our Manager Siliva for our big CULTURAL DAY CELEBRATION!! This was a big day for our centre as we had been preparing for weeks in advance with the children for...

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LET US CELEBRATE! Fijian and Niuean Language Weeks!

Fijian and Niuean Celebration

​Kids Count Lenore Road has had a busy month with two language weeks filled with beautiful rich culture! We started with Fijian Language Week where all the stops were pulled out! There were beautiful traditional Fijian masi and war clubs placed all around the centre, allowing the children to explore and discover the culture during this time. The ce...

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Tongan Language Week Celebrations!

Malo from Dolphin Room! Malo from Dolphin Room!

Malo e lelei!! Kids Count Lenore Road recently had our Tongan Language Week celebration and it was on a whole new level! Our space was decorated with red and white and traditional Tongan outfits and everything! Our children had been amazing with learning our songs and dances the weeks prior and they loved getting so dressed up and getting ready to ...

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Our Cook Island Celebration!

Teachers and Children performing together!

Kia Orana!! Today we had our Cook Island Language Week Celebration! The last two weeks we have been learning songs about the alphabet, greetings and counting as well! We have been designing our own Cook Island outfits and learning the traditional dances. Our children had the best time and had so much fun showing off their skills and here are some p...

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Matariki Celebration

​We have had an amazing week looking at Matariki and singing amazing songs and learning all about Matariki! Our children have been learning about the 7 stars of Matariki and in their classes they were given the opportunity to perform items to the rest of the preschool! It was so amazing for us to see the children get all dressed up and engaging in ...

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Our Samoan Language Week!

​Talofa Lava! At Lenore Road the tamariki have been engaging in so many fun activities and immersing themselves in the beautiful culture of Samoa throughout the week! They were painting traditional tapa patterns onto paper, weaving, learning Samoan songs and learning how to count to 10 AND learn the names of different colours! Alongside t...

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Disco in July


​Our children had so much fun at our Disco Day. There were lights flashing and music playing in the classrooms and  parents and children were so exctited  when they arrived at school. Throughout the day  teachers and children danced and sang and by the end of the day we had some pretty tired little dancers. We love all the happy face...

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