Be the wave – create the ripples!

I recently went to visit one of our graduate children's mothers who had been in our parenting groups to see how her son was settling into primary and in general say hello and how are you.

What a great way to lift each other up – first the customary hug that grows out of our groups as we all become sister's of the heart and then of course the customary chin wag.

This mummy had been off my radar for the past term busy starting her boy at school while I was busy on other projects but as we got talking she spoke of the different new skills she learnt through Triple P positive parenting as well as our Circle of Security parenting reflection/relationships course and how she was loving sharing this with other young mummies in her circle.

I was amazed as she shared how deep into our community her reach goes as does her heart and especially blessed with her sharing how these learnings were now rippling outside my influence into her world to help others with their children and their relationships.

It was this moment that bought to reality the words someone encouraged me with late last year; at times things can get tough and you can wonder whether you really are effective in your work, your family life and in balancing personal and work life.

This moment helped me to realise the meaning of 'be the wave – create the ripples' …..that in order to truly effect change we must role model it and share it with others who are also leaders in our community….everyday mothers, nannies and aunties, father's, uncles and poppas….our teachers and our support people….our volunteers right from our van staff to our cleaners…. even to the young children and youth who you meet or come into your home….

Never underestimate the power of your words and your heart, and the ripple that you can affect in changing the environment of those you come into contact with as well as those they influence….

Stay positive and keep sharing the love so our children can blossom around you.

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