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Baking Christmas Cookies.

 On Wednesday 23rd December for our Christmas Holiday Programme at Kids Count Pukekohe we explored Baking.

The older children were lucky enough to make Christmas cookies with Whaea Marg.

The children were very excited as they made and decorated their Christmas cookies. They were able to explore many science concepts alongside each other such as colours, shapes, measurements, and the active ingredients they used to produce such yummy biscuits.

The children also learnt that cooking is a process that requires a systematic approach, time for discussion, supporting each other and giving each other the encouragement to boost confidence and self -esteem. Above all the rich language and communication among the older children was priceless.

While the children worked alongside each other this provided a magical opportunity for the children to learn about customs, traditions, and cultures. Christmas provides a wonderful opportunity for children, families, and educators to learn more about each other and be culturally inclusive.

Celebrating diversity and inclusiveness is about using cultural events such as Christmas as an opportunity to build understanding and awareness of the traditions and beliefs of others. Engaging and developing good relationships with families enables teachers to discover the beliefs and experiences that children from different cultural backgrounds bring to their early childhood centre.

Te Whariki emphasises, 'the critical role of socially and culturally mediated learning and of reciprocal and responsive relationships for children with people, places, and things. Children learn through collaboration with adults and peers, through guided participation and observation of others, as well as through individual exploration and reflection.'

Sharing different approaches to celebrations provides a real opportunity for children to think and talk about diversity. Engaging them by sharing their own experiences and traditions brings meaning and inclusivity plus it's a great time to celebrate differences.

Best part of all of course after decorating their Christmas cookies was tasting their yummy Christmas cookies.

What a fantastic activity Tamariki and we can tell by all your faces how excited you all were. 

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